Alicia Witt shows off her growing hair following cancer treatments: ‘I’m honestly feeling pretty elated’

Alicia Witt shows off her growing hair following cancer treatments: ‘I’m honestly feeling pretty elated’

Alicia Witt has shared some photos of her growing hair after completing rounds of chemotherapy for her breast cancer battle.

The 47-year-old actor took to Instagram on Saturday to share images of her red hair. In the caption, she noted that she posted these pictures to “resonate” with others who have cancer and “have gone through the same” experience. She went on to describe why she kept her hair hidden during treatments.

“I’m honestly feeling pretty elated about the state of my hair right now,” she wrote. “When I completed my treatment for breast disease back in March, I had worn @penguincoldcapsglobal cold caps so that I was able to keep enough of my hair to continue working through my treatments (I did 2 jobs during that time). What a gift to have that privilege, so that it could be my choice to share when i wanted to. but still, about 45 per cent or so did fall out.”

The Orange Is The New Black star acknowledged that while she “never had thick hair to start with,” she has been using Zenagen Hair Care products, which are for hair growth and restoration.

“I want to let you know I feel this works, and works big time and quickly,” she wrote. “The hair I had lost was already long since coming in by then, of course, but it has started growing much more quickly, and much more of it!”

Witt acknowledged how this hair care treatment could benefit everyone, adding: “I believe this would help anyone who’s looking to thicken their hair - regardless of whether you’d gone thru chemo-related hair loss.”

In the comments of the post, many famous faces praised Witt and applauded her hair growth journey.

“I love your beautiful soul so much and you [are] absolutely gorgeous!” actor Erin Cahill wrote. “Thank you for sharing this with all of us!”

“Gosh I love you and you look amazing,” actor Nikki DeLoach added, actor Jennifer Missoni said: “Wow sister…so so happy for you”

Witt’s post comes months after she opened up about her private cancer battle on Instagram. In June, she shared videos of her last round of chemotherapy treatment before she got a mastectomy.

“Although we didn’t yet know for absolute certain until after the mastectomy that the disease was completely healed from my left breast, this marked the end of my carboplatin/taxotere, + herceptin/perjeta (the latter two are immunotherapies which will continue, per protocol for HER2+, through the end of this year),” she wrote in the caption, alongside a video of herself holding a certificate and ringing a bell.

She also thanked her “tiny crew of human angels” for “keeping [her] spirits high” during his six treatments and for replacing her therapy cap, which helped minimise her hair loss.

“While keeping hair was obviously the last of my concerns on a larger level, I did deeply wish to keep my diagnosis private until it was 100 per cent healed, god willing,” she continued. “I’m so grateful to all those along the way during treatment who honoured me by protecting my privacy during these months.”