As if! Alicia Silverstone's ditched the blonde and undergone a brunette hair transformation

alicia silverstone brunetter
As If! Alicia Silverstone now has brunette hairFrazer Harrison - Getty Images

Alicia Silverstone has embraced the fact that to many of us, she will always be Cher Horowitz. She doesn't shy away from a costume recreation, a cultural reference, or even TikToks recreating scenes from the cinematic masterpiece that is Clueless. All aided in part, to the fact she still looks so much like her young self, and... she's still blonde. Well, not any more people! The actress just went brunette and we're kind of shook.

She still looks gorgeous, but if we hadn't seen plenty of her in recent years, we're not actually sure we'd recognise this woman in the street as *the* Cher Horowitz.

Looking at her roots and brows, we suspected this may in fact be closer to her natural colour, so we did some digging and came across this childhood photo showing it is indeed her natural colour. As if Cher wasn't a natural blonde???

And her hair wasn't the only throwback to her youth in the post, as she revealed that the (rather hunky) guy she's posing with was actually her first kiss, writing: "Issac Franco, who I haven't seen in almost 3 decades, was my first kiss growing up! 😂💋 We were able to meet up since I'm in Jersey for work. It was really neat to connect after so many years!".

I think connecting with Isaac in general would be neat. Go teen Alicia. Though, given we know what a babe she was... makes sense.

But don't worry diehard Clueless fans, she may be dabbling with brown but she's also still giving us golden homages to Cher like this beauty.

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