Alicia Mccarvell shares 'powerful' poem about self love: 'I'm content with who I am'

Alicia McCarvell is embracing her "ever-changing" body.

On Sunday, the Canadian influencer took to Instagram to share a series of photos of her at the beach. In the snaps, she posed in a high-waisted black bikini with thin silver bracelets.

The TikTok star paired the photos with an original poem titled "My Body." The poem is about accepting her body and feeling "content" with who she is.

"Sometimes my body is a ship. Valiant and strong. It pierces through rough waters, so confident it can do no wrong. Other days it’s like the ocean. Unpredictable and deep. And just when I think I’m safe, it washes away with one quick sweep," McCarvell penned to her 870,000 followers.

"Somedays it’s like a flower. Delicate and undone. Absorbing all life has to offer. Head held high toward the sun," the social media star continued.

"Certain days it’s just a body. Nothing more, nothing less. I’m content with who I am. Not worried about progress. My body is a shapeshifter. Resilient and ever-changing. The hardest part is finding peace, in all the re-arranging," the 32-year-old concluded the poem.

Fans loved the self love advocate's "beautifully written" poem.

"Everyone needs to read this. Very powerful," an Instagram user penned, while another wrote, "love this, so relatable. Thanks for sharing Alicia."

Another person shared: "I needed this more than ever today. Thank you for being a light in this world and inspiring me to keep choosing my body!"

"I love this. No truer words spoken," commented someone else.

"Beautifully written. Thank you for sharing this, it was just what I needed today," another fan wrote.

In July, Mccarvell shared another poem about loving her body and acknowledging its many forms.

"This body has been there, even when I struggled to be it's placed its feet on the ground, and found the strength to carry me," she wrote. "This body is ferocious, even when it is tame. It's spoken nothing but kindness to me, even though I forgot its name."

"This body has been faithful, even when I would stray. It was confident in itself, it knew we'd find our way. This body is my home, even when I need a vacation. It has a way of reminding me, I'm one hell of a creation," Mccarvell concluded.

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