Alia Bhatt shares her trick for glowing skin and the one lesson she's learnt from her pregnancy

alia bhatt
Alia Bhatt on her beauty routine for glowing skinCourtesy of Gucci

This interview took place in June 2023, before the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike.

Alia Bhatt's beauty philosophy is as wholesome as they come.

"Less is more," she tells Bazaar in a recent interview, noting that it was the best advice she'd ever received from her make-up artist, Micky Contractor, and one that she applies not just to her glam routine, but to everything she does in life. "The less you do, the better it is."

It's an ethos that's working beautifully for the 30-year-old Heart Of Stone star, who's often spotted on red carpets – from the Met Gala in a Prabal Gurung ballgown to sitting front row at Gucci Cruise '24 as the label's global brand ambassador – looking fresh faced, save for a gentle touch of colour around the eyes and a joie de vivre that shines through.

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"I’m very into glowy make-up, which is barely-there skin, where you just see luminous skin," says Bhatt. Her sophisticated style extends to the way she does her make-up, eschewing swathes of highlighter for clever product cocktailing. "I love becoming a chemist and mixing all those products together," she shares, name-checking a creamy Kiko primer (try the Radiance Boost Serum Face Base) as her go-to.

She mixes the primer with a skin tint rather than foundation, along with "some dewy, glowy, rosy drops which has some fatty acids in it" to achieve a healthy complexion. The trend of using make-up-skincare hybrids is one that's loved by beauty editors and pros alike as it enhances the skin without masking it, and lends added skincare benefits.

"I like to find that in-between where the skin just looks great. Even when you have make-up on it doesn’t look like you're wearing make-up. It just looks like good skin...with just a bit of make-up on," says Bhatt.

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Along with her thriving career, Bhatt is also a busy parent to her nine month-old daughter. Her pregnancy lead to a valuable epiphany about her strength – both mentally and physically. "One of the things I was so surprised by was how miraculous the human body is and how much it supports you and takes care of you and what it's capable of doing," she shares. "It's so beautiful and also it's so much work for your body."

Like so many of us, Bhatt has been hard on herself in the past – particularly when it came to her appearance. Post-baby, it's something she's vowed never to do again. "I think what I would tell my younger self is that you have so many years ahead of you to worry about things that will actually be worrisome. Do not worry about the way your body is looking or where you feel like there's a little bit of tubbiness, or if you feel like you have jiggly and wiggly arms. I think always felt very conscious about those things."

Now, Bhatt takes a kinder, more balanced approach to her lifestyle. "It's about maintaining inner health and that also starts [with the mind]," she says.

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