Alexa Chung thinks Americans have 'glamorous' hair - but Brits don't

Alexa Chung thinks Americans have glamorous hair credit:Bang Showbiz
Alexa Chung thinks Americans have glamorous hair credit:Bang Showbiz

Alexa Chung doesn't think British women have hair as "glamorous" as their American counterparts.

The 'Next In Fashion' star believes ladies in the UK favour "low-key" styles for their locks, whereas those in the US love to sport "luscious" manes.

She said: "One thing for sure is our hair isn't as glamorous as in the States. I call it 'American hair'. Everyone's got thick, luscious, gorgeous hair, whereas ours is a bit more low-key.

"I think the Kate Moss bedhead look that was established in the '90s went a long way."

While Alexa can see distinct differences with hair, she thinks beauty looks have become more "globalised" now.

She told WhoWhatWear: "I think nowadays as everything has just become so much more globalized, it's harder to identify looks that belong to a nationality.

"I see girls in London who have really thick fake lashes. I see girls in London who have a really minimalist approach which might be more affiliated with French women.

"I see people being really playful, kind of like the club kids of New York. These are all represented in London.

"At fashion parties, I think it's skin that looks healthy but hasn't been caked. It depends on what kind of gal we're talking about.

"There are still hipsters of 22 running the streets with neon and glitter and stickers on their faces, but then there are older women maybe in the professional space who have a cleaner, more subtle look."

The 39-year-old presenter carefully puts her make-up on in the mornings - but then never bothers to reapply the products throughout the day.

She said: "I am strictly a morning make-up person...

"I have a friend who I really admire, and she's so beautiful. She has perfect lipstick on all the time, and she also always has her compact out, and she's reapplying it at the dinner table. It makes me want to put makeup on. I'm like, 'Wow, that looks really elegant and cool,' but I'm not that girl. Once it's worn off, it's gone."