Alex Reid felt like a 'lamb to the slaughter' with Katie Price marriage

Talking to Nigel Farage on GB News, former cage fighter Alex Reid has opened up about his marriage to Katie Price saying 'I was just swept away with it. I didn't know what planet I was on.'

Video transcript

NIGEL FARAGE: Katie Price--


NIGEL FARAGE: --and, you know, you're suddenly in a--

ALEX REID: I was just swept away. I didn't know what planet I was on. I was like a Lamb to the slaughter.

NIGEL FARAGE: And-- and you've been through-- I mean, the marriage didn't last that long.


NIGEL FARAGE: And you've been going through, from what I can see of it, eight to nine years of legal action, of name calling back and forth.

ALEX REID: With her, and yeah. I've had lots of-- there's certain things I can't talk because--

NIGEL FARAGE: No, no, of course.

ALEX REID: --reporting restrictions. But I'm a staunch defender-- I formed a foundation to help families go through the family courts because this is something-- this is why I'm interested in what you're doing.


ALEX REID: The evidence would suggest, from what I've seen and the families I look after, a lot of corruption. Complicit at every level. From the child maintenance service-- a company called Cafcass social services. And all the way to family courts. Even in government.