Aldi's New Tea Flavour Is Absolutely Game Changing

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Aldi Reveals Jaffa Cake Flavoured TeaGetty

Dunking a biscuit into tea is one of life's simplest and greatest pleasures.

Everyone's got their own way of doing it - from whether you're a chocolate digestive, shortbread finger or Jaffa Cake person to how long the perfect dunk length is to get that perfect tea and biscuit combo.

But what if your tea actually tasted like biscuits...

That's exactly what Aldi's new range of teas is promising, and we think it could be seriously game changing. Imaging the combos! A hob nob dunked into Jaffa tea? A rich tea into salted caramel? Divine.

The tea we're most excited about in the range is the Diplomat Jaffa Tea, which boasts flavours of rich chocolate and zesty orange. According to Aldi, it's like biting into a Jaffa cake.

aldi jaffa tea

Also featured in the range is a Diplomat Salted Caramel Tea, which tastes like toastie salted caramel.

aldi salted caramel tea

Plus, there's the classic Diplomat Biscuit Tea, which has the malty taste of biscuits without needing a single dunk. Although, we'd definitely be up for double the biscuit flavour by dunking our favourites into the new teas.

aldi biscuit tea

What's more, the boxes are just £1.49 for 40 bags. That's almost 50% cheaper than picking up a box of Yorkshire Tea Malty Biscuit Brew, which is £2.30 for the same amount of bags.

Aldi's always doing us bargain hunters a solid, hey?

The new teas launch on 15th May, and they work wonderfully with a splash of your choice of milk, but they're tasty black too!