Aldi's Fruit And Nut Bars Are A KIND Bar Copycat For Less

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Keeping a few boxes of wholesome fruit and nut bars in your pantry is good for school lunches, quick breakfasts, and healthy snacks. However, some brands are priced so exorbitantly that it's not feasible for many people to have a steady supply on hand. Once again, beloved discount grocery chain Aldi comes to the rescue with a high-quality and affordable private-label product that rivals the name brands you know and love.

You may be familiar with KIND bars, which are tasty, filling, and quite expensive. As currently listed on the Walmart website, a 6-count box of Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew Snack Bars from KIND will run you a whopping $7.48. On the other hand, a 4-count pack of Elevation Cashew Cherry with Dark Chocolate Only Fruit and Nut Bars is listed by Aldi for $3.09. While it's true that you get more in a pack with KIND, a bit of math shows that the per-bar price (about $1.25 for KIND and $0.77 for Elevation) is far better for the Aldi brand.

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How Do Elevation Bars Compare To KIND In Terms Of Quality?

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With a price you simply can't beat, Aldi Elevation bars are an excellent purchase for budget-minded consumers who are seeking to stock healthy snacks at home. The cashew bars are gluten-free, too, making them even better news for shoppers with certain allergies and food sensitivities. Each bar contains 5 grams of protein with just 190 calories per serving. In addition to the cashew variety, Aldi also offers Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter.

KIND bars are pretty similar to the Aldi version in that they're also gluten-free and a good source of protein. However, the KIND version provides 4 grams of protein. Conversely, KIND bars only have 170 calories and offer slightly less saturated fat than the Aldi variety. Keep in mind that these differences are pretty minimal and not likely to have a major impact when switching from KIND to Elevation.

What Are Aldi Shoppers Saying About The Chain's Fruit And Nut Bars?

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If you want to know what Aldi shoppers really think about the store's products, head over to Reddit to get some raw, unadulterated opinions. According to commenters on a 2023 thread, the Elevation Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt is the real deal. As one person stated, "I agree that they're a Kind bar replica. They both taste pretty identical as well." Another commenter mirrored this sentiment, stating, "I get these now to replace the Kind bars. Just as good in my opinion and cheaper."

Not everyone participating in the thread was as impressed by the Aldi version, however. In the event you purchase Elevation fruit and nut bars and aren't blown away by them, Aldi gives you options. The chain's Twice as Nice Guarantee allows shoppers to return products they're not fully satisfied with. Not only will you potentially get a refund for your purchase, but Aldi will also allow you to select a similar product to take the place of the one you're returning.

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