The Aldi Snack I Buy by the Case Is Finally Back

We're stocking up now!



I could write love letters about so many of Aldi’s snacks—and, in fact, I have. There are so many good ones that sometimes it feels like my weekly grocery run is just a restock for chips and cookies with a few staples, like Red Bag Chicken and cottage cheese, thrown into the mix.

As much as I enjoy the everyday options, like Clancy’s kettle-cooked and tortilla chips, Aldi really puts its whole heart into its seasonal and limited-time snack offerings. That’s when you’ll find things like Rosemary & Feta-flavored kettle chips or pulled pork-flavored potato chips in the Aldi Finds aisle.

This summer, the snack aisle is stocked with seasonal chip flavors that I’m itching to try, like Spicy Dill Pickle, Hot Honey, and Loaded Bacon & Cheddar. But, before I even bring those home, I have to load up on the best chips of all time, which have returned to Aldi for yet another year. The beloved All-Dressed chips are back in stores.



All-dressed potato chips are a Canadian staple, sold by Lay’s across the Northern border. They’re “dressed” in a combination of many flavors—usually, it’s ketchup, BBQ, sour cream and onion, and salt and vinegar. Despite being a Canadian fan favorite, they’re typically pretty hard to find in the U.S.

Last summer, Lay’s brought them stateside as part of its Flavor Swap program, and Trader Joe’s sold a version called Patio Potato Chips. However, this year, there’s been radio silence from the potato chip company about whether we’ll get them again. And, unfortunately, it was confirmed that Trader Joe’s Patio chips were discontinued because the manufacturer’s plant burned down.

That means we were relying on Aldi to bring the zesty chips back—and the German retailer did not disappoint.

Aldi’s All-Dressed Chips hit the store as a “seasonal” summer product, meaning, unlike the Aldi Finds, they’ll stick around for longer than just one week. The wavy chips are a mixture of barbecue, ketchup, and salt and vinegar flavors, and are a huge hit with customers.

“I'm not allowed to buy these anymore because my big back self will eat the entire bag in one sitting,” one Reddit user posted.

Another Reddit user said their store had already sold out of the chips, but the good news is that because they’re a seasonal find, they should continue to get restocked throughout the rest of summer.

My piece of advice is to grab a few bags now, though, because once you try them, you’ll be hooked—and who knows if someone else will clear the shelf before you can get back for more. And by “someone,” I mean me. At least I warned you!

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