Aldi is selling a Christmas wine tasting of dark chocolate, figs and fruit

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Getty Images/iStockphoto

They’re two of our favourite things: chocolate and wine.

And while nibbling some rich dark chocolate while sipping a merlot of pinot noir is enjoyable, have you ever dreamt of the two becoming more closely entwined?

Like, perhaps, actual award-winning chocolate wine?

Your dreams have finally been answered.

Aldi is now stocking a range of sweet dessert wines, which includes a £9.99 500ml bottle of Rubis Chocolate Wine.

It includes a chocolate essence flavour which the discount chain says has create a drink which is a “chocolate lover’s dream” with hints of dark chocolate, figs and fruits.

Spirits retailer The Whisky Exchange calls the 15% tipple a “very off-the-wall alternative to port”.

The Spanish fortified wine is made from the Tempranillo grape, and won the “Silver Outstanding” award at the International Wine & Spirit Competition in 2015.

It’s not the only supermarket in the chocolate wine game; Sainsbury's sells Chocolate Drop Red Wine with Dark Chocolate.

Quirky wine flavours are all the rage – an £8.99 pudding flavoured wine is among those offered by Aldi.

It’s a Muscat which won the IWSC Gold award 2017 and it tastes of toffee, caramel, dates and figs.

It’s been a good month for chocolate lovers; a £1 chocolate bar beat high-end retailers in a blind taste test, a new product combining the taste and goodness of avocado with the decadence of chocolate was released, and a chef unveiled a Nutella pasta dish to celebrate World Pasta Day.

Just pass us a bar of Dairy Milk…