I bought Aldi's cult outdoor corner sofa and am still feeling smug

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Aldi outdoor sofa review
I bought Aldi's cult outdoor furniture set and it's worth every penny. (Aldi)

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Last year, I bought a house. Houses, as we all know, come with a great many expenses but the bank balance blow I wasn't quite anticipating was how much I would need to fork out for furniture, once I had the keys.

By the time summer came around, my savings had hugely depleted and justifying garden furniture - let alone a fancy outdoor sofa - was out of even my realms of self-indulgence.

Just as I had resigned myself to a summer of offering guests a seat on a picnic blanket on the patio floor, I remembered something. "What about that Aldi garden sofa that everyone was raving about?" I shrieked at my husband, unable to quell my excitement.

The Aldi sofa I was referring to was the Anthracite Rattan Corner Sofa (available cream), priced at under £300, that had sent waves across the internet and sold out multiple times.

Aldi's sofa set comes in two colour options: grey and cream. (Aldi)
Aldi's sofa set comes in two colour options: grey and cream. (Aldi)

£299.98 at Aldi

While other garden sofas cost thousands, the Aldi version claimed to be just as comfortable but without the hefty price tag.

So, I bought it and a mere five days later it arrived.

It's not the biggest garden sofa but it is definitely comfortable, sturdy and looks just as smart as some of the much more expensive versions.

It took us 30-minutes to assemble and then a further two to sit on, iced drink in hand.

It handled its first summer beautifully and quickly drove down its cost per use.

Every single time someone came round, I insisted on proudly showing it to them. "And it was under £300," I would beam at them, as they sat down on it (at my rather forceful instruction).

Aldi's outdoor furniture set has sold out numerous times since it was released. (Aldi)
Aldi's outdoor furniture set has sold out numerous times since it was released. (Aldi)

£299.98 at Aldi

And though perhaps it's not the best way to greet guests - by forcing them to test out your furniture before they've even taken off their shoes - it did do one thing: reassure me that the quality of the sofa far outweighed its price.

In fact, several friends text me upon leaving to tell me how sad they were that the sofa seemed to now be out of stock again.

But I've got good news, the Anthracite Corner Sofa is back in stock - and looking just as tempting as ever. While the original version sold for £269.99, Aldi has now updated the sofa for 2022 to come with a protective cover (which used to be sold separately) so the set now retails for £299.98. A worthy addition in our eyes, so that you can keep it pristine for years to come.

Run, don't walk, to get your hands on one now, so that you can lounge, not perch, come springtime.

Go on, join me in eternal sofa smugness.

Buy it: Grey Rattan Corner Sofa & Cover | £299.98 from Aldi

£299.98 at Aldi

Buy it: Cream Rattan Corner Sofa & Cover | £299.98 from Aldi

£299.98 at Aldi