Aldi's sell-out pizza oven is currently on sale

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Photo credit: Aldi
Photo credit: Aldi

With the ht weather here to stay, al fresco dining is absolutely on the agenda. Excitingly, budget supermarket Aldi has slashed the price of its best-selling pizza oven by £30, bringing the price down to just £149.99 from £179.99.

Really, even before the discount, this pizza oven is a bit of a bargain. In fact, it’s almost £250 cheaper than the GHI’s favourite model, the Gozney Roccbox.

At just a foot wide, Aldi’s pizza oven won’t take up much space on your patio and should fit easily in your shed after use. Wheels also make it easy to manoeuvre. It’s gas-powered with two heat settings and two shelves, so you can pop in a couple of pizzas at a time or use one to bake side dishes (we recommend this delicious rosemary focaccia or a gooey Camembert cheese) simultaneously.

While purists might miss the smoky flavour that wood gives food, using gas makes it easier to control the exact cooking temperature, so you can avoid ending up with overly crispy edges or doughy centres. Saying that, gas isn’t especially eco-friendly, and tends to be pricier than wood chips.

Overall though, we think this is a brilliant discount on a versatile bit of kit that’ll provide plenty of fun throughout the summer. You can pick up one of these pizza ovens from the Aldi website here.

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