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Aldi's affordable LED face mask is back and is the perfect Christmas gift

LED face mask
Keen to try an LED face mask but don't want to break the bank? Aldi has the answer. (Aldi)

There are many secrets behind how celebrities always look flawless at big red carpet events. But, in recent years there has been one product that A-listers, such as Renée Zellweger, Kaley Cuoco and Gal Gadot all have in common: an LED face mask.

During Golden Globes preparations last year the rather horror-movie like gadget was spotted on numerous celebrity make-up artists' Instagram feeds. But even before 2021, many stars have spoken out about their love of the light skin therapy.

Kourtney Kardashian has often uploaded Instagram stories of her donning an LED face mask, while back in 2019, Victoria Beckham shared two images of herself with her millions of Instagram followers testing her own LED face mask.

Beckham explained to followers on her Insta story that she had been sent the face mask from Australian celebrity facialist Melanie Grant, praising its apparent skin benefits: "Red light is for collagen and blood flow."

She continued: "White light is anti-inflammatory, healing and firming. Blue is antibacterial and so good for blemish-prone skin."

While a celebrity-approved LED mask from Current Body will set you back anything from £279 up to £500, it's fair to say they're an investment.

However, if you are intrigued and want to give it a go Aldi has just restocked its own version of the mask, for just £49.99.

Having launched in 2021, the very affordable LED mask sold out within days, so if you want to upgrade your skincare routine in 2022, and try out one of the A-listers' beauty secrets for under £50, we suggest you add the online exclusive item to your basket ASAP.

Not to mention, this would make an impressive Christmas gift for a beauty enthusiast without breaking the bank.

How LED light therapy works

Using different wavelengths of light, LED masks are a non-invasive way of rejuvenating tired skin and reducing signs of ageing.

The scientific word for the process is 'Photobiomodulation Therapy' which you'll find available as a treatment in some high-tech spas. Each mask comes with three lights which denote the wavelength.

Blue light, the lowest UV wavelength, is used to treat acne and reduce the chance of spots. The red light penetrates a little deeper to help stimulate collagen production and increase blood circulation, and the near-infrared light penetrates the skin at the deepest level, with anti-ageing properties.

Why we rate it

Aldi's affordable version not only has all the LED lights (red, green and blue) needed to be effective. It also has velcro straps so it's easy to put on and tailor to your face.

Aldi's design also comes with carry bags to store everything in neatly and is quick to charge, with only a four-hour charging time.

Aldi's affordable LED face mask is back. (Aldi)
Aldi's affordable LED face mask is back. (Aldi)

£49.99 at Aldi

The mask is currently on pre-order, with a dispatch date of 8 December, however it's selling fast so hurry if you want to get your hands on one of the most affordable LED masks on the market.

What the reviews say

The mask has started to rack up numerous positive reviews, with customers saying how pleased they are with the great value beauty product, enthusing that it's just as good as the expensive versions that cost £400-plus.

  • "Fraction of the cost compared to elsewhere and with cordless controls! Pop it on & you're free to do whatever you please. No hassle, easy function unit, 3 LED lights colour option. Aldi have really impressed me with this."

  • "All in all, a great product. All my friends want it, but sold out really quickly. If you see it again buy it."

  • "I have been using this for around 10 days and already I can see changes in my skin. Lots of people have commented how well my skin is looking."

  • "The expensive equivalent of this mask is just shy of £400 and I have to say I think this mask would go toe to toe with that one on performance."

  • "It has exactly the same specifications as an expensive led [sic] mask worth £400!"

  • "Love it, very reasonable price and I can see a difference in my skin, comfortable to use, feels soft against the skin and not rigid as some LED masks are. I would thoroughly recommend to all."

Shop now: Solas LED Face Mask | £49.99 from Aldi

£49.99 at Aldi

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