Aldi’s Latest $4 Williams-Sonoma Copycat Is an Absolute Must for Summer

Time to break out the tequila!

<p>Zackary Angeline/Dotdash Meredith</p> Photo: Getty Images

Zackary Angeline/Dotdash Meredith

Photo: Getty Images

Summer sipping is going to be very colorful. The current trend in glassware is fun, festive, and jewel-toned. Home goods store shelves are full of pretty glasses, and Aldi has been nipping at those stores' heels with copycats that are just as attractive but a fraction of the price.

Earlier this month, Aldi offered an assortment of colorful jewel-toned bar glasses, hobnail old fashioned glasses, and stemmed and stemless wine glasses—all very similar to Williams-Sonoma glassware. The Aldi versions will look just as dazzling on summer tables as the Williams-Sonoma versions, but none will be so dazzling poolside, simply because they're glass.

Plastic drinkware is the best way to ensure everyone's safety when it comes to sipping by the pool or outside on the patio (especially if you have people who tend to run around in their bare feet).

This week, in Aldi's Aisle of Shame (the affectionate name shoppers give the home goods aisle because it's so hard to resist the deals), Aldi has a set of plastic barware that will have you looking for your "lost shaker of salt." Yes, that's right, Aldi has colorful, plastic margarita glasses designed for frozen margaritas—and yes, they're copycats of a much more expensive Williams-Sonoma version.

Williams-Sonoma currently sells a set of six outdoor multicolored 16-ounce margarita glasses for $79.95. The glasses are made from dishwasher-safe, food-grade plastic. You must buy the set, which makes the price of each glass about $13.30.

Aldi’s Crofton plastic margarita glasses come in four colors—clear, green, yellow, and red—and cost just $3.99 each. They’re sold individually and are top-rack dishwasher safe. They differ from the Williams-Sonoma glasses in opacity, as the Aldi ones are a solid color (except the clear), whereas the Williams-Sonoma glasses are semi-transparent. Aldi’s are also smaller, holding just 10 ounces, but a 10-ounce margarita is still decent-sized.



But the Aldi versions serve the same function. They’re plastic; therefore, they are safe to use poolside or anywhere outdoors where broken glass is a concern. They hold a frozen margarita (may we suggest the Margaritaville Margarita or the Ultimate Frozen Strawberry Margarita?). They’ll look dazzling on your patio dining table or poolside lounge chair side table.

We look at it this way: You can get six plastic margarita glasses for about $80 or six plastic margarita glasses for about $24. That’s a $56 difference. And what can you get for $56? An excellent bottle of tequila for your margaritas. According to my math, that’s basically free tequila.

The Crofton plastic margarita glasses hit Aisle of Shame shelves on April 24 and will be available while supplies last, which won’t be long.

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