Aldi launches affordable heated clothes airer

Your socks will thank you. (Aldi)
Your socks will thank you. (Aldi)

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It's safe to say that the weather this year has been unpredictable.

This has made washing clothes a nightmare, especially if you don't own a dryer.

As we enter the colder months, it's not always possible to hang your clothes out on the washing line and piling your clothes on a drying rack seems to take an age (even if you do strategically place it by a radiator).

So we were excited when we discovered the invention of the heated clothes airer. However, they don't come cheap, with Lakeland's best-selling version retailing around £150.

That's why we're delighted that Aldi has just released its own Easy Home Heated Clothes Airer for under £100, which is sure to make drying clothes indoors a whole lot easier.

Not only is it a practical way of drying your clothes, it’s cheaper and more environmentally-friendly than using a tumble dryer.

For just £89.99 at Aldi, you'll want to grab this product before it's gone - and boy is it selling fast. It may only be released for pre-orders currently, but at this rate it will be sold out before its official release date, which is September 30th.

Why we rate it

The most impressive thing about this airer is that it takes only five minutes to warm up and can dry your clothes in a matter of minutes.

The biggest problem with drying clothes outside in cold weather is that they can take forever to dry or even worse, it starts raining and you have to bring in damp, smelly clothes. You can keep your clothes smelling fresh with this airer.

Another great feature is the two-way switch, which can be used to heat a certain area.

Aldi's heated clothes airer is under £100. (Aldi)
Aldi's heated clothes airer is under £100. (Aldi)

We love that the air rack can be used for more than just clothes as it comes with a shoe rack too.

Shoes are one the most annoying items to wash since they need to dry out completely before being worn. Wearing damp shoes can lead to smelly feet as odour-causing bacteria thrive in humidity, so many people avoid washing their shoes altogether.

Using this shoe rack allows you to keep your shoes clean without having to worry about the inside drying properly.

It also comes with a mesh shelf, which is perfect for drying delicate materials like satin and silk and peg hangers so that you can dry all of your clothes with ease.

Where has this gadget been all my life, you ask? We feel the same way.

Buy it: Easy Home Heated Clothes Airer | £89.99 from Aldi

Easy Home Heated Clothes Airer
Easy Home Heated Clothes Airer

Aldi also has an even more affordable design for only £39.99. Its lightweight foldable design means that it can be stored away easily in between uses and won't take up space in your home.

Buy it: Easy Home Heated Airer | £39.99 from Aldi

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