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Aldi’s sell-out Egg BBQ is back in stock: 'Amazing value for money'

Get Aldi's hugely popular Egg BBQ in time for warmer weather. (Aldi)

Aldi's hugely popular and very affordable garden Specialbuys are always flying off the shelves, so when sell-out items are made available, you have to move fast to avoid disappointment.

If you're in need of some new supplies, such as a larger BBQ to help cater for gatherings with friends and family, or need to get some outdoor seating ready for warmer weather, then Aldi is a great place to snap up a few affordable additions.

One of our top picks? The Gardenline Kamado Ceramic Egg BBQ is a double grill BBQ complete with bamboo side shelves and an aesthetically pleasing ceramic shell – all for a very reasonable £399.99. You can't get your hands on a similar style of BBQ for under £700, usually.

Why we rate it

Factoring in the quality, there isn't another BBQ as affordable as this – which is why Aldi's garden range sells out so quickly.

The ceramic outdoor oven with temperature gauge is inspired by Japanese insulated design, which – in average BBQ-lovers' terms – means you get succulent meat with a chargrilled, smoky finish.

It's hard to pick our favourite feature, but if we had to, we'd go for its versatility. If you're a fan of al fresco dining, you'll be pleased to know you can grill, bake, slow cook and smoke (American BBQ-style) your favourite meals this summer.

This BBQ grills, bakes, slow cooks and even smokes. (Aldi)
Aldi's Egg BBQ grills, bakes, slow cooks and even smokes. (Aldi)

£399.99 at Aldi

Will we ever eat indoors again?

The even distribution of heat also means you won't spend your precious socialising time checking the food is cooking evenly. Aldi is claiming back our Aperol Spritz drinking time and we're thankful.

Competing with egg BBQs which are usually double – if not more – the price, reviewers are pleasantly surprised at just how good the quality is.

The jury is out and with hundreds of five-star reviews, one happy customer said: "Have been looking for a ceramic BBQ for some time but they are very expensive and usually you have to pay extra for accessories. This Aldi brand is every bit as good and costs much less than its nearest named competitors."

And, to add to our 'reasons why you need this BBQ in your life' list, many of its reviews have commented on how easy it is to put together. After all, the last thing we want to do pre-BBQ is spend the whole day trying to put it up.

There's also a mini version of the BBQ, the Gardenline Mini Kamado BBQ, which retails for a more affordable £199.99 and is ideal for small families or a couple.

Buy it: Gardenline Mini Kamado BBQ | £119.99 from Aldi

There's also a compact version: The Gardenline Mini Kamado BBQ. (Aldi)
There's also a compact version: The Gardenline Mini Kamado BBQ. (Aldi)

£119.99 at Aldi

If you're searching for a seriously big BBQ, suitable for entertaining, there's the new Fervor Dual Fuel BBQ for £199.99.

This Fervor BBQ also comes equipped with loads of other handy features – like thermometers and food-warming racks in both roasting hoods, a fat tray and a stainless steel side burner.

Plus, it operates with both a gas and a removable charcoal grill – meaning you've got a choice, so you can have the best of both worlds this summer.

Buy it: Fervor Dual Fuel BBQ | £199.99 from Aldi

This large BBQ, under £200, is ideal for entertaining. (Aldi)
This large BBQ, under £200, is ideal for entertaining. (Aldi)

£199.99 at Aldi

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