Aldi Drops A Bargain Extra Chunky Mini Eggs Bar

With March (and socially acceptable mini egg munching season) just around the corner, we've been dreaming of Easter chocolate.

Classic Easter eggs, general chocolatey bakes and the aforementioned mini eggs are all on our must-have list, but a new chocolate bar release from Aldi might just be about to take top priority on our Easter choc shopping list.

The budget supermarket have a brand new chocolate bar for 2023 - the Dairyfine Mini Chocolate Eggs Chunky Bar - and it sounds totally dreamy.

The extra thick milk chocolate block (we're talking 225g of creamy Easter choc) is packed with whole mini eggs and costs £2.99. According to Aldi, that's 35% cheaper than a similar chunky mini egg bar at M&S, so it's really a win-win situation.

aldi mini eggs chunky bar

Aldi says the bar is perfect for sharing (or not...) and using in Easter-themed bakes like cheesecakes and rice crispy treats.

The extra chunky bar is something that Cadbury Mini Eggs (the OG of all mini eggs, obvs) hasn't quite cottoned on to yet, although a Cadbury Dairy Milk Chunky Egg was released by the brand earlier this year. Fans were going wild for the new egg, and we can confirm the extra layer of chocolate makes it quite possibly the dream Easter egg.

However, you can pick up a giant version of their classic Mini Egg bar and a whopping 1kg bag of mini eggs, new for this year! Imagine all the mini egg themed bakes you could make with 1kg of the dreamy little treats...