Aldi Customers Say This Seasonal Find Tastes Just Like a Name Brand

Some fans think it’s the real deal.

<p>Zackary Angeline/Dotdash Meredith</p> Photo: Getty Images

Zackary Angeline/Dotdash Meredith

Photo: Getty Images

We all know Aldi is a great place to stock up on budget-friendly grocery essentials. From their prepared meals to specialty finds like the popular Le Creuset copycat, there are always plenty of new items to explore. One way that Aldi keeps prices competitive is through their store-branded product lines. These are often similar to a name-brand counterpart, and customers think many items taste just as good as the originals.

One of the lines that seems to be a hit with shoppers is the Little Salad Bar brand, which includes bagged salad mixes and a variety of salad dressings. Two of the salad dressings are so similar, in fact, that fans have wondered if they are actually name-brand products in different packaging.

Both dressings have returned to stores for the season, so you can see for yourself if the taste is worth the hype.

Aldi’s Ranch and Cilantro Avocado Yogurt Salad Dressings Have Returned

Two of Aldi's yogurt-based salad dressings are back on shelves, but only for a limited time. Little Salad Bar Cilantro Avocado Dressing and Little Salad Bar Ranch Dressing have returned, and customers say they taste just like their name-brand counterpart, Bolthouse Farms.

Last year, a Redditor posted a photo of a bottle of Little Salad Bar Ranch dressing, claiming that it came with a green Bolthouse Farms lid. "I figured this out a few weeks ago! The cilantro one is amazing for dipping tacos, quesadillas, and nachos. Ranch is my go-to for veggies. I hope they never change it," said one commenter.

Recently, Aldi customers spotted the dressing on shelves. Instagrammer @theamazingaldi posted a photo of the dressing inside the store and asked followers to share their thoughts on the taste. “The cilantro one is the best!!!” said one commenter, while another felt like the dressing fell short. “Wish the ranch had more flavor! It’s pretty bland. Might need to pick up a packet of ranch seasoning to add to it.”

While it’s unclear if Bolthouse Farms and Little Salad Bar yogurt-based dressings are the same, the Ranch and Cilantro Avocado dressings are only available at Aldi for a limited time, so be sure to stock up before they’re gone.

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