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Aldi's affordable weighted blankets are back: 'Aids a restful night’s sleep'

affordable weighted blanket
Searching for an affordable weighted blanket? Aldi's top-rated version is back in stock. (Aldi)

Weighted blankets have gained huge popularity in the health and wellness sector these past few years, as studies continue to show their benefits for easing anxiety and improving sleep quality.

In a nutshell, a weighted blanket is designed to be heavier than normal blankets by being filled with either plastic or glass beads. The weighted physical pressure helps to be self-calming by giving you the feeling of being held, hugged or cuddled.

It uses the principles of Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) or Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS) often used by occupational therapists to aid relaxation, providing a therapeutic technique called deep pressure touch.

Dr Diana Gall, from Doctor4U, previously told Yahoo UK: “Scientific research is still ongoing on the effectiveness of weighted blankets for anxiety but it’s thought these blankets can reduce cortisol levels, which is a stress hormone.”

Aldi's weighted blanket is one of the most affordable on the high street. (Aldi)
Aldi's weighted blanket is one of the most affordable on the high street. (Aldi)

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The Sleep Foundation explains that "by distributing an even amount of weight and pressure across the body, weighted blankets may calm the fight-or-flight response and activate the relaxing parasympathetic nervous system in preparation for sleep."

Weighted blankets are also a wonderful way for you to stay cosy during the winter months, as the heaviness makes sure your body heat stays in the blanket.

Weighted blankets aren't cheap though, they usually retail for between £50 and £100, however Aldi bought out its own versions in 2021 which have just come back in stock - and they're one of the most affordable options out there, retailing for under £30.

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Aldi has two affordable £24.99 designs: The 7kg dark grey blanket with a super soft with a 100% cotton cover and filled with glass beads, which is recommended for adult body weight of around 70kg+.

Buy it: Dark Grey 7kg Weighted Blanket | £24.99 from Aldi

£24.99 at Aldi

The rule of thumb with weighted blankets as outlined by the NHS is that the maximum weight used must be no more than 10% of your body weight.

The Kirkton House Weighted Blanket is sure to make you feel snug and secure and is ideal for lounging on the sofa to make you feel as snug as a bug in a rug.

Last year the blanket received an average 4.7 out of 5 rating. With customer saying it “really does aid a restful night’s sleep, especially during cold spells."

While another noted its great value-for-money: “Fantastic, just as good as a more expensive one we purchased.”

There's also a lighter 4.5kg Weighted Blanket in light grey, which is recommended for adult body weight of approximately 45kg+.

Under £30 for a weighted blanket is a great price, John Lewis' popular Synthetic Weighted Blanket retails for between £80 and £110, depending on size. Meanwhile, Ikea recently bought out an 8kg weighted blanket for £99.

Buy it: Light Grey 4.5kg Weighted Blanket | £24.99 from Aldi

£24.99 at Aldi

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