Alan Fletcher makes surprise appearance in 'EastEnders' as 'Neighbours' ends

Alan Fletcher dropped into EastEnders in a special crossover to mark the end of Neighbours.The soap has been cancelled after 37 years and the last instalment will air in the UK tonight (29 July), after ending in Australia earlier this week.A clip shared on Twitter shows Fletcher – who has starred as Dr Karl Kennedy since 1994 – making a surprise appearance in the Walford café.

Video transcript


- Isn't it sad that "Neighbours" is about to have its final episode?

- I know. I loved catching up with them all, you know, always looking gorgeous in the sunshine.

- You all right there, mate? You look a bit lost.

- Yeah, I'm just looking for a black cab. Apparently, it's the easiest way to make a swift exit from around here.

- Yeah, Kat's cabs, it's-- it's just across the road. I'll show you.

- Thank you.

- Excuse me! Sorry. [LAUGHS] So it-- you, I mean, [LAUGHS] it's Dr. Karl Kennedy.

- Oh, yes, g'day. How are you?

- Oh, g'day!


- Oh, wow, I'm such a fan. Do you mind if I have a-- a selfie with you?

- Oh, sure.

- Is that OK?

- Why not?

- OK. Hang on a minute. If I do that.

- Well, if I go here.

- [INAUDIBLE] like that.


- No. Whitney--


- --can you take it for us, please?

- Yeah, sure.

- Thank you, sweetheart. [LAUGHS] Can I?

- [INAUDIBLE] sure.

- Oh, lovely. [LAUGHS] Yeah, love it. Love it.



- Right.

- Thanks so much. Wow. I'm-- I'm-- that's really made my day! Thank you so much for all of the memories and all of the years. And, oh, will you send my love to Susan?

- Sure, sure.

- OK.

- You're lovely yourself, you know?

- Oh, wow, thanks so much. [LAUGHS] Can you believe it, Dr. Karl Kennedy in Walford? [LAUGHS]

- He's not Dr. Karl flaming Kennedy. That's a look-alike, Linda.

- No, it wasn't.

- Yeah, it just looked like him.

- Was it?


Really? Oh.


- O-M-G, "Neighbours," you're going!

- So I'm sorry to see that you're going, guys. But congratulations on everything you've achieved over the years. You'll be sorely missed. Sending lots of love.

- To all of the cast and crew of "Neighbours," thank you for a brilliant 37 years. You've entertained us for such a long time.

- "Neighbours," I just want to wish you all the best. Congratulations on your 37 years.

- You've given us 37 years of joy. And I'm just so sad that you're going.

- What an incredible run. I remember watching it. I was totally obsessed with Scott and Charlene.

- As a child, I'd rush back from school waiting to see the next episode. It was so much fun.

- You've had an impact on so many people's lives, including my own.

- "Neighbours" have always been there. But to think that your last episode is going to come out on Friday, (WHISPERS) it hurts my heart.

- To everyone at "Neighbours," thank you for the years and the memories. I wish you all the greatest success in the future.

- You will come back stronger, all of you, OK? Gutted to see you go. Good luck.

- Wish you all the love and luck to everyone who works on the show for the future.

- It's been wonderful, and you should all be really proud. Thank you. Bye, "Neighbours."


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