Alan Carr and Tom Hanks danced at Abba Voyage

Alan Carr was stunned to find himself dancing to ABBA next to Tom Hanks.

The 46-year-old comedian had taken his mother to see ‘ABBA Voyage’, the Swedish group’s hologram show, for a Mother’s Day celebration and while he was initially surprised to see two empty seats next to him, he was even more shocked when the chairs were eventually filled by the Oscar winner and his wife Rita Wilson.

Alan recalled to Heat magazine: “I took my mum to see ‘Abba Voyage’ on Mother’s Day, because I am a stereotype.

“There were two empty seats next to me and this man said to me that it was the ‘hottest ticket in town.’ I sort of looked at these two empty seats and went, ‘I don’t think so.’

“And then Tom Hanks and his wife sat down! And then next to him was Richard E. Grant!

“I didn’t have on my 2023 bingo card dancing to ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’ with Tom Hanks, his wife, and Richard E. Grant.

“It’s so good, ‘Abba Voyage’, it’s like they’re actually onstage.

“So you’ve got that layer of headf****** and then I turn to my left and I’m like, ‘Is that Tom Hanks or a hologram?’ ”

Meanwhile, while Alan is keen to put his hometown Northampton on the map with his new autobiographical sitcom ‘Changing Ends’, he insisted he won’t be buying the local football club – who feature heavily on the show – because his divorce from Paul Drayton has left him strapped for cash.

Asked if he’s considered “doing a Ryan Reynolds” – in reference to the Hollywood star’s purchase of Wrexham AFC with Rob McElhenny – he replied: “When I said, ‘Love letter to Northampton’, it’s more of a Post-it note…

“I went through a divorce last year, so I can’t afford to actually buy a football club.

“I might buy them a new kit, but that’s as much as I can stretch to.”