Ahem: A Spoiler Reveals What Kelsey Anderson Needs to Talk About on ‘The Bachelor’

the bachelor as hometowns inch closer, joey feels the pressure to dig deeper, and the women worry about their place in his heart will two romantic one on ones and an exhilarating group date in montreal be enough for him to finally let his walls down monday, feb 19 800 1001 pm est, on abc disneyjan thijskelsey a, joey graziadei
Um, What Does Kelsey Need to Talk About?Jan Thijs - ABC

Hi, hello, last night's episode of The Bachelor ended on a pretty wild cliffhanger, and we need to release all thoughts, like, right now. We saw Joey Graziadei head into the Fantasy Suites with his final three contestants, including an incredibly romantic date with Kelsey A. where they admitted they were fully falling in love with each other (!) and shared a sweet breakfast the next day. How! Ever! Things seemed too good to be true because Golden Bachelor runner-up Leslie Fhima paid Kelsey a visit in Tulum and gave her a fair warning about the Bachelor journey.

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Photo credit: Michael Kirchoff - ABC
Photo credit: Michael Kirchoff - ABC

Find out who remains on track to become Mrs. Graziadei.

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Photo credit: Christopher Willard - Getty Images

“How you doin’?” —me, unable to stop myself, every time Joey walks onscreen.

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Photo credit: Joey Graziadei - Instagram
Photo credit: Joey Graziadei - Instagram

Reality Steve continues to provide for Bachelor Nation!!

Leslie warned Kelsey that her Fantasy Suite date went similarly—and she still didn't leave as Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner's fiancé. "I wish I wouldn’t have felt so confident," she told Kelsey before advising her that she should be prepared in the event that she "might not be it" for Joey. After her pow-wow with Leslie, Kelsey began having doubts about her relationship with the Bachelor and left him a note saying, "We need to talk."

In a confessional, Joey said, "This would derail everything if something's wrong, if she needs to leave, or if something happened. I don't know. I don't want her to leave. I want her to be here — I want her to want to be here. This is like my worst nightmare coming true."

So, what's actually going on, and why is Kelsey seemingly switching up in the eleventh hour? A spoiler from Reality Steve may reveal her reasoning.

*The Bachelor spoilers ahead!*

What does Kelsey need to talk about?

Toward the end of the episode, Kelsey admitted in a confessional that she'd rather leave prematurely than be crushed in the end. "If it's not me, it's something I don't think I could get over. I would be devastated," she shared. "I would rather leave now than have my heart completely broken."

This resulted in Kelsey writing Joey a letter asking him to meet before the rose ceremony, which likely means she wants extra reassurance when it comes to their connection.

So... what happens next?

kelsey anderson

According to Reality Steve, Kelsey makes it all the way to the end of The Bachelor and takes home the final rose as Joey's fiancé. He had originally misreported that Daisy Kent won this season, but some social media sleuthing pointed fans in the right direction as Kelsey and Joey appeared to be posting content from the same location.

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