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Snap up Dunelm's £40 heated clothes airer for winter: 'Dries washing without huge expense'

Missed out on Aldi’s heated clothes airer? We’ve found an even more affordable option from Dunelm. (Dunelm/Yahoo Life UK)

Since the cost of living has surged, heated clothes airers have exploded in popularity due to being a quick, easy and cost-effective way of ensuring your clothes dry in the cold, wet months of winter.

The Dry:Soon 3-Tier Heated Airer from Lakeland went viral on TikTok for its cheap running cost, but for £159.99, it's not cheap.

Luckily, we've found a affordable alternative: the Heated Airer With Wings from Dunelm, which cost mere pennies to run per hour.

The cost of the average tumble dryer per hour is over £1, whereas a heated clothes airer is a fraction of the price, costing mere pennies.

This £40 heated airer will dry your clothes faster and more efficiently. 

£40 at Dunelm

Why we rate it

For only £40, the clever heated airer sure is one of the most affordable heated airer designs we've seen.

Designed with fold out wings for extra drying space, this heated airer allows you to dry your clothes quickly and has a low energy consumption.

It can hold up to 10kg of washing, and Dunelm claims it costs on average around 7p an hour to run, using the electricity rate of 34.00 pence per kWh - but this price could vary dependant on your energy tariff.

It's a cost-effective, budget-friendly and can fold up to be compactly stored when not in use. (Dunelm)
It's a cost-effective, budget-friendly and can fold up to be compactly stored when not in use. (Dunelm)

Customers have noted that it costs a little more to run per hour than the 7p estimate, with one buyer explaining: "it’s more like just over £0.13 p/h, however it is still cheaper than using central heating or a tumble dryer. So get one when you can."

While another said "it's a great solution to keeping costs down" adding that it cost them 1/5th of the cost of their usual tumble dryer usage.

It also means that you don't need to take chances with the weather or worry about how much money it costs to run a tumble dryer, plus space isn't an issue either: simply fold it up flat and put it away when you're done.

What the reviews say

With over 170 five star reviews, it's fair to say the airer has been tried, tested and exceeded expectations, with fans praising its "cost effective," "great price".

  • "Bought this for my mum as she wanted to be able to dry laundry and keep the living room a bit warmer. This does both very well. The airer heats up quickly and dries washing much quicker than a Normal airer, and it gives off enough residual heat to keep her a bit warmer. And it doesn’t cost a fortune to run!"

  • "Absolute godsend, cheap to run, and dries really well, really quick."

  • "This clothes airer is worth every penny. I move the clothes around every now and then and they dry well. They never smell of damp which often happened with a normal airer."

  • "Its brilliant cost effective, does the job well and heats the apartment at the same time! Whats not to love!! My daughter is very happy no more damp smelling or wet clothes hanging around for days . Highly recommended."

  • "Dries washing without huge expense. Throwing a sheet over the airer also keeps heat in and dries more quickly. It does warm the room too."

Shop it now: Heated Airer with Wings | £40 from Dunelm

£40 at Dunelm

More great airer options from Dunelm

Dunelm also sell several other budget-friendly airers for small, medium and large homes, for express-drying your clothes this winter.

2 Tier Heated Airer | £75


£75 at Dunelm

Its 2 Tier Heated Airer has a running cost of 7p per hour and is perfect for big families, as it can fit 10kg of washing with 13m of drying space. Made from sturdy and durable aluminium, the vertical design packs down neatly to be stowed away with ease when not it use.

3 Tier Heated Airer | £95


£95 at Dunelm

If that's not big enough to fit your needs, there's also a popular 3 Tier Heated Airer also. It's currently flying off shelves, so keep an eye on this page to ensure your first to get your hands on one. With a running cost of 11p per hour, it may seem pricier, but can dry up to 15kg of clothes, bedding, towels you name it.

3 Tier A Frame Heated Airer | £95

£95 at Dunelm

Maximise drying space in smaller homes with this clever A frame design. It boasts a running cost of 10p per hour, is suitable for up to 15kg of washing, offers 15m of drying space and even space for two shoes to be dried - perfect after a muddy dog walk.

2 Tier A Frame Heated Airer | £75

£75 at Dunelm

If you want something less tall, try this 2 Tier A Frame Heated Airer instead. it has the same shoe heating functions, and A frame design, but can hold 10kg of washing. It folds up compactly too so it won't be an eyesore all winter long.

Heated Ladder Airer | £40

£40 at Dunelm

This ladder design is ideal if you're a student or living in a small flat. Perfect for hanging towels, coast, and larger items, as well as underwear and socks, it can hold up to 5kg. Better yet, it costs just 3p an hour to run.

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