People Over 50, Share With Us The Little Decision You Made When You Were Younger That Impact You As You Got Older

When we're younger, we may not realize how even the smallest decisions can impact our future. So I'm curious: If you're an adult over 50, what was an early, small decision you made that actually impacted you later in life?

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For instance, maybe when you were a teenager, your decision to take an art history class impacted how you handled a career decision later in life.

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Or perhaps your decision to turn down an invite to a college party actually caused you to study at the library, which is where you found your future years-long partner.

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Finally, maybe your decision to go on a trip in your late 20s led you to meet a life-long friend who later saved you from a nightmare of a situation as you got older.

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Charlie Pics / Getty Images

Also, as you reflect on the situation, share with us if there's anything you would've done differently or simply how you feel about the overall situation as you look back.

If you feel comfortable doing so, share with us the early small life decision that actually impacted your life later on the Google form or comments below: