Addison Rae surprises fans with pole dancing video in sky-high heels

addison rae abs legs pole dancing video
Addison Rae is so strong as she pole dances in vidRachel Murray - Getty Images

If you've been anywhere on TikTok in the past three years, you'll know that Addison Rae has moves for days. And she's clearly not slowing down any time soon. The "Obsessed" singer, 22, shared a video on her Instagram Stories over Mother's Day weekend of herself practicing some pole dancing in a private studio. In the video, Addison is rocking a pair of black heels, a sports bra and some red and white shorts and that highlight her strong legs and core.

Clearly, Addison is having a ton of fun in the shot. If you missed it, here's a clip:

Dance has always been a part of Addison's life. In an interview with HighSnobiety, she opened up about how she spent lots of her childhood traveling for dance competitions. 'That's my main thing: I love to perform. I love to creative-direct. I started off dancing, but I think a huge part of that was simply storytelling. I always want to be telling stories through everything I do.

Besides dance, Addison also likes to do Pilates. She shared a video on TikTok back in August 2022 of herself taking a Pilates reformer class and using a Pilates ring.

If there's one thing Addison adores, it's a hard Pilates class with friends. She was spotted leaving a Forma Pilates class alongside Hailey Bieber and Maddie Ziegler back in October 2022, per Daily Mail. And the paparazzi catch her leaving Pilates studios all the time.

Addison clearly likes to workout with her girlies. She shared the six-minute booty workout that she did with pal Kourtney Kardashian back in 2020. The workout includes things like fire hydrants, donkey kicks and more. 'It literally burns so bad, but it’s so good,' Addison said.

In August 2021, Addison hit up the celeb-favourite gym, DOGPOUND with her friend Kristen Ishmael, and the two got in a sweat sesh with the gym's trainer and founder, Kirk Myers. The workout included battles ropes, weighted kickbacks, and other booty sculpting moves.

While Addison hasn’t revealed a ton of details about her diet, she does share what she noshes on via her Instagram, and it's pretty clear she tries to eat a healthy, balanced diet. For one, she's a big fan of fruit.

She even shared a video of herself munching on a juicy apple on TikTok.

Addison likes to add collagen (specifically, Vital Proteins) to her coffee every morning. Collagen is a protein that keeps the skin on your face firm and plump. When your collagen supplies start to decrease around 25, some women start to see some creases and fine lines.

Most recently, the star sat down to meals that included pasta and fresh lobster and veggies. To say I'm jealous doesn't even begin to cover it.

So yum, Addison!

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