Add Salt To Your Lemonade For An Entirely New Take On The Classic

Poolside glass of lemonade
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When it comes time for you to choose a refreshing drink to sip on, there are a few contenders that may immediately leap to the forefront of your mind. Of course, there's water, but frankly, the life-sustaining liquid can be a bit on the austere side of things. However, with a few additions, humans have been transforming water into delicious, fresh-squeezed lemonade since the 1300s.

Lemonade has appeared in essentially the same form since its inception. Simply add lemon juice to water and throw in some type of sweetener to cut the citrus fruit's sourness. Purists may turn up their noses at those who attempt to take this drink in a fresh direction. However, a sprinkle of salt in your lemonade can bring it to the next level. Though this slightly more savory spin on the classic drink may not be for everyone, the mix of citrus and salt is popular around the world, and salty lemonades and limeades are excellent examples of this combination.

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The Wide World Of Salted Lemonade

Salt on lemons
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Before you try your hand at making salty lemonade, you should know that the process behind this beverage isn't an exact science. There is no exact amount of sugar, water, or lemon that should be included in your pitcher, and it really comes down to personal taste preferences. You can also add the pulp and rinds of your lemon to the mix, which will help the fruit's bright citrus bite better express itself.

You may not have tried salted lemonade, but versions of it can be found in many different places. Chanh muối, a Vietnamese term that translates to salt lemon, is just what it sounds like -- a heavily salted lemon preserved in a jar. You then use these fermented fruits for juice like you would a fresh lemon, adding some water and a small sprinkle of salt. The result is a sweet and salty drink that is traditionally thought to be beneficial to your health. Elsewhere in South Asia, another citrus fruit is subject to a salty spin. Nimbu Pani adds both Himalayan black salt and sea salt to a lime and ice puree.

The Science Of Salty Sweets

Making fresh lemonade
Making fresh lemonade - Burke/triolo Productions/Getty Images

If you want to bring your next sweet treat to the next level, you should know that salt is the secret ingredient in most great desserts. Sweet and salty flavors working well together is common knowledge, but recent studies have highlighted sugar-sensing taste buds that are only triggered when salt is present. With the science of sweet and savory in mind, it's easy to understand why adding salt to your lemonade can bump it up a couple of notches. Including salt elevates the drink's sweetness, allowing your added sugar to better combat citrus' sourness.

Furthermore, if the potential of a more flavorful fluid isn't enough to make you try this twist on lemonade, it should also be noted that adding a bit of salt can also up your lemonade's hydration factor. On hot days, sprinkling salt into your glass of fizzy soda pop can help you deal with dehydration. Salt can give your body reintroduce some of its depleted electrolytes. However, Health tells us sodium overconsumption can come with a slew of detrimental health effects. So before you begin sipping on savory lemonade, make sure that you added a safe amount of salt. If you do dial in a recipe, salty lemonade can be a delicious drink that keeps you hydrated.

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