Add Green Beans To Your Next Steak Sandwich For A Chilean Twist

chacarero with Chilean flag
chacarero with Chilean flag - Lasmsilver/Shutterstock

If you've grown weary of the standard steak sandwich toppings (such as the onions and peppers that usually adorn Philly cheesesteak recipes), the country of Chile offers a bit of inspiration. Chacarero is a Chilean sandwich that combines steak with green beans and tomatoes, as well as spicy chili peppers. The sandwich gets its name from the fact that many of the ingredients are sourced from the farm, which is what the word "chacra" means in Spanish. Because the freshness of the veggies has a major impact on the sandwich, Chileans prefer to enjoy chacarero during the spring and summer seasons.

While pairing green beans and steak might seem like an odd combo, the sandwich is majorly appealing. Just consider that Time named chacarero as one of the best sandwiches in the world, along with selections from Italy, Japan, South Africa, and Mexico. In addition to the fresh taste the green beans lend to the savory steak, the texture of the vegetable is also important. With chacarero, green beans are often overcooked to ensure they pair perfectly with the other ingredients.

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How Chile Does Fast Food

chacarero sandwich on plate
chacarero sandwich on plate - Julio Felipe / X

Chacarero is a common dish in fuentes de soda, which is the Chilean answer to fast food joints (or the soda fountains that were once popular in America). These laidback, casual establishments offer hearty meals made with wholesome ingredients, which explains why the fresh and tasty chacarero is a staple preparation of these restaurants.

In America, chacarero is not quite as well-known as other sandwiches, such as the classic grilled cheese or a towering roast beef. However, a Boston-based establishment appropriately named Chacarero has been instrumental in increasing the profile of the tasty Chilean sandwich. Owner Juan Hurtado first began selling his version of chacarero from a cart, and the sandwich proved so successful among customers that Hurtado was able to establish a physical location. Chacarero has been going strong for almost 30 years, which shows the widespread appeal of the sandwich. There are also lots of tweaks and adjustments to the classic chacarero preparation to match every taste preference.

Variations On The Traditional Chacarero Recipe

marraqueta rolls in basket
marraqueta rolls in basket - nachonachin/Shutterstock

Juan Hurtado's chacarero features green beans, avocado spread, tomatoes, muenster cheese, and hot sauce, as well as a choice of beef or chicken. Hurtado also makes his own bread. Many chacarero recipes call for marraqueta bread, which is a type of roll known for its crusty exterior and soft center (much like French bread). Marraqueta bread is extremely popular in Chile and can be enjoyed for breakfast or dinner.

While chacarero sandwiches often feature beef, pork can also make an appearance. When it comes to cooking the meat, traditional preparations often use garlic-infused vegetable oil. Coating the beef in mayonnaise or aioli is another option. If you opt for beef in your chacarero, the traditional Chilean selection is typically sirloin or top round. However, you can also use skirt steak, which requires a speedy cooking process due to its tendency to get tough. Chacarero proves that even unlikely steak sandwich toppings make sense when ingredients are fresh and flavorful.

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