How do they actually film Gogglebox? Channel 4 show’s filming secrets revealed

Gogglebox is back with our favourite telly-watching families. Since airing its first season in 2013, the series has become one of the best-loved shows on TV. But how is it actually made? We're taking a look at the filming secrets behind Channel 4's hit reality programme.

How is Gogglebox filmed?

According to Metro, the stars of Gogglebox have to watch around 12 hours of telly a week, which is then divided into two six-hour stints. They're also given a takeaway allowance by producers so that they can tuck into meals during filming.

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gogglebox pete and sophie
gogglebox pete and sophie

Naturally, fans have been wondering where the cameras are kept during production, and if there's an actual camera person in the room with them. The answer to this is no. Instead, cameras are set up in the room before crew members control the setup in another room of the house.

It has also been revealed that each family is filmed across two cameras, with one for wide shots and one for close-ups. "There's a small team in the field – a producer, a camera person, and a sound person and a logger – and those four people are squashed in whatever room is available," said Gogglebox producer Tania Alexander

Asked about the casting process for Gogglebox, she told Vice: "First and foremost, we didn't want people who wanted to be on telly. I wanted to have to persuade people to do it, because people who want to be on telly tend to try too hard. I sent casting teams around the UK and we went into hairdressers and shops on high streets and hung out in markets. There wasn't any game plan, I just wanted teams on the ground, looking for interesting people to take part."

Mary and Giles on Gogglebox
Mary and Giles on Gogglebox

Tania also spoke about how, in some cases, producers have had to move around furniture in the star's living rooms to get the best footage. In particular, the team were tasked with shifting around the chairs in Mary and Giles' lounge, after they were surprised to see that the couple had originally placed Giles' chair behind Mary's. Nowadays, the pair are always seen side by side.

How much are the Gogglebox stars paid?

While Channel 4 themselves have never confirmed the stars' wages, according to The Sun, each family is paid the same monthly allowance of £1,500. The paper reported that the family members split the fee at their own discretion. On top of this, each family is reportedly treated to a takeaway during filming.

Malone family on sofa
Malone family on sofa

During her time on I'm A Celebrity, original Gogglebox star Scarlett Moffatt revealed that she had paid off her parents' mortgage with her earnings, but this was most likely due to her deals and endorsements than her Gogglebox salary.

Sandra Martin also told the Mail On Sunday, "I paid tax on an income of £100,000. In fact, ever since I started doing Gogglebox in 2012, I have earned around £100,000 every year."

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