Actor Tom Lister Reveals Ripped 6 Month Body Transformation

tom lister transformation
Tom Lister Reveals Ripped Body TransformationHearst Owned

Former Emmerdale star Tom Lister has revealed his lean physique and 16kg weight loss in an instagram post, attributing his efforts to a post-Covid comeback with the help of his PT Lee Jones. The amazing before and after photo is evidence of his consistency, with him adding, 'I haven’t been this lean for over 20 years.'

Sharing to his followers, Lister said: 'I started working with Lee back in September as I was feeling pretty low in myself. Covid hit me HARD in terms of lack of work opportunities, leaving me feeling a bit bereft and low on self esteem and motivation. This resulted in me piling on the weight and feeling pretty shitty all round.'

He continued, 'I had my reservations about online coaching and whether it would work and I’ve never really been a keen gym person. But Lee is brilliant.'

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'I loved working with him. It was just so easy and basically it’s a bit like having a cheerleader in your pocket! I loved the accountability and how he tailored everything to me – from the workouts to the meal planning, to giving me a kick up the arse when I needed it!! I have lost over 16kg and I haven’t been this lean for over 20 years.'

It seems he has turned the tables on not only his physical health, but also his career opportunities, with him adding 'I feel healthy and strong and I’ve got some exciting work coming in at the start of this year too, so all in all it was 100% the right decision.'

You love to see it.

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