This Acne Messenger Takes ‘Securing the Bag’ to a New Level

Scouted/The Daily Beast/Acne Studios.
Scouted/The Daily Beast/Acne Studios.

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I’ve always been a crossbody bag person—a style preference that probably took form back when I was a kid trying on the bags in my mom’s closet. While most of my mom’s bags were too feminine for me (and the societal norms of that time), as I developed my own sense of style, I was always on the prowl for something compact and fashionable that I could snag from her. Now, two decades and many totes later, I no longer have to shop from mom’s closet, and I’ve realized that not all bags are a match for my busy lifestyle as a full-time publicist. But there’s one fashion house that hits the mark with bags that are timeless and practical every time: Acne Studios.

Respectfully, Acne Studios needs no introduction. The Stockholm fashion label has garnered renown through its multidisciplinary approach and high-profile collaborations. From Kylie Jenner’s denim transformation last year to organic endorsements from celebrities like Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and Kendall Jenner, Acne Studios continues to be a leader in fashion through Creative Director Jonny Johansson’s vision.

I didn’t heed Kim Petras’ advice to “close my eyes and swipe it [my credit card]” in Stockholm. My moment of indulgence—and weakness—took place in Paris last Spring. After an obligatory visit to The Louvre, I was strolling along Rue St Honoré where I saw the brand’s Mini Messenger Bag gazing at me through the window. Let’s be real; I knew exactly where I was headed and that the imminent purchase would be irresistible. It was like the inner kid in me struck gold after being a lifelong lover of small and compact bags. I made the wise yet impulsive decision to splurge. And splurge, I did!

Acne Studios Mini Messenger Bag

The Acne Studios Mini Messenger Bag is the perfect crossbody for all my on-the-go needs. It features a clear compartment embossed with their known-for logo customization moments, an adjustable strap, and silver hardware to clip keys and stylish accessories—which is especially helpful for someone who constantly loses their keys (guilty)!

Buy Acne Studios Mini Messenger Bag at Acne Studios, $250

Buy Acne Studios Mini Messenger Bag at SSENSE, $250

After I returned home to LA after the Paris trip, the Mini Messenger Bag became the coolest bag I owned, so I felt obligated to bring it to Coachella. As I said, my on-the-go needs fit this establishment perfectly, and for a mini bag, it really held its own at the music festival. While my belongings were safe, I was nervous my bag would be worn out before I had the chance to use it in my day-to-day life. Alas, Acne Studios’ quality durability kept it in pristine condition.

Of course, the Acne Studios’ Mini Messenger Bag has its limits, as all bags do. As a full-time publicist, I often have to fit an entire day’s worth of stuff in my bag since I live far from the office. This includes my lunch, two laptops, and a change of clothes for an event or workout class I need to make their schlep with me from downtown LA to West Hollywood on my in-office days. The Mini Messenger is roomy for a smaller bag, but I recently added the brand’s Logo Shoulder Tote Bag to my lineup for busier days.

Acne Studios Black Leather Shoulder Tote

Available in sleek polyurethane and polyester black for $650, the Logo Shoulder Tote Bag carries the workload of a perpetually busy publicist who is always on the move. In addition to the spacious interior, the embossed logo bag boasts Acne Studios’ signature pink tonal lining and label. What makes the bag complete is the small zipper compartment and versatile shoulder and hand straps for a functional experience.

Buy Acne Studios Black Leather Shoulder Tote at Nordstrom, $650

Buy Acne Studios Black Leather Shoulder Tote at SSENSE, $650

It’s safe to say Acne Studios holds all my baggage, and for that, I nod to them. I mean, what would I do without both laptops on me at all times?


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