Aaron Plessinger Clears LaRocco’s Leap in Second Gear

Aaron Plessinger, of Red Bull KTM Factory Racing, is a unique and arguably one of the best characters in the sport of motocross racing. RedBud's most famous track obstacle is LaRocco’s Leap—a 120 ft triple located right next to the grandstands, sending riders soaring through the air. Traditionally, clearing it requires being in 3rd gear and wide open with today’s, and even the factory, 450s. At least we thought..

Inspired by "Kong," a massive jump at LaRocco's personal track, track co-owner Tim Ritchie decided to construct a replica at the Red Bud track in 1991. The jump was eventually named after LaRocco, as he was the first to clear it, on a 125cc.

After securing 2nd place overall Saturday at RedBud, Aaron faced questions on The PulpMx Show. Steve Matthes asked him, "Is it just third gear tapped?" AP7's surprising reply: "I couldn't even get to third. I think I was hitting it in second, almost on the rev limiter. The corner before was so deep." His statement left the room in disbelief.

Later on, while speaking with Phil Nicoletti, Muc-Off/ClubMx/FXR Yamaha, who joined the show, Plessinger further explained: "I was clicking up to third to go over the single (after the tabletop heading to the leap), and then, when I got to the deep stuff, I would downshift. That was the only way. Because my third, I don't know, back again (not being that great of a test rider), I don't know numbers or anything, and I don't know what gearing I'm running. So, like, third for me is dogging it."