Aaron Carter checks into rehab to regain custody of his son

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Aaron Carter has revealed that his recent rehabilitation stint was to help him regain custody of his son.

While speaking to the U.S. Sun for an interview published on Tuesday, the Fool’s Gold rapper opened up about his recent experience in rehab.

Aaron told the outlet that he had willingly checked into the Lionrock Recovery as an outpatient in an attempt to regain custody of his nine-month-old son, Prince.

Aaron shares Prince with fiancée Melanie Martin. The pair split shortly after Prince’s birth, but they’ve since reconciled.

The rapper lost custody of Prince when a court ordered that Melanie’s mother take custody of the child due to drug and domestic violence claims.

“I haven’t had any relapses or anything like that, it’s just triggers are big right now for me (and) I want my son back,” the 34-year-old explained.

Elsewhere in the chat, Aaron clarified that his participation in the rehabilitation program was not court-ordered, and was for marijuana, not Xanax.

“The main reason why I enrolled into Lionrock Recovery outpatient is to help with the weed,” he said. “I don’t want to smoke weed anymore. I don’t really need to.”

He also shed light on what he does in the program.

“It’s an abstinence program and I work with an individual counsellor,” he said. “I do group therapy, parenting classes, domestic violence classes, I got myself certified in CPR, just a lot of different things.”