A whole Christmas dinner in a block of CHEESE?! Cheese maker reveal you can dramatically reduce cooking time with unusual cheddar

Christmas Day will never be the same again, thanks to a Christmas dinner CHEESE

First there was the three-bird roast that dramatically reduced preparation time in the kitchen.

And now it seems those hours you spend slaving away over the Christmas dinner could be reduced ever further - thanks to a BLOCK OF CHEESE that tastes like turkey and all the trimmings.

With turkey flavouring, the Christmas dinner cheese is packed with carrots, Brussels sprouts, festive fruit, candied cherries and apple - all packaged in a block of cheddar cheese.

Despite being noticeably void of any roast potatoes, the unusual cheese means you get a taste of everything you'd usually find on your plate on Christmas Day in just one slice.

But it doesn't stop there either, as you can round off your Christmas dinner in the traditional way - with a piece of Christmas pudding, in even more cheese.

Packed with all the key ingredients of the classic Christmas pudding, the cheese includes brandy-soaked sultanas, raisins and currants, candied cherries and apple, cinnamon and a special Christmas liqueur.

The unusual idea for the cheesy Christmas dinner came from Linda Appel, a 31-year-old chef and product developer at Pilgrim's Choice.

She said: “We wanted to give the nation something really special and unique for Christmas which brought together two of our favourite foods – Christmas dinner and Pilgrims Choice cheddar. So I worked to combine the two and it certainly is a taste sensation.

“We’ve done the same with Christmas pudding too – because you can’t have Christmas without a bit of Christmas pudding. It really complements the Christmas Dinner cheese. It would be great if it would be available nationwide one day.”

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She added: “The best bit about it, in my opinion, is that now you can have Christmas Dinner on toast – just slice the Christmas Dinner cheese and put it on a slice of bread under the grill.

"It means I can have Christmas dinner whenever and as often as I like without all the hard work and hassle that usually comes with it.”

The idea was developed after it was revealed that Brits spend up to 12 hours preparing Christmas dinner, spending £107.32 on the annual festive feast.

But for anyone interested in trying the cheese - it's sadly not being developed for customers to purchase.

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