9 reasons Mila Kunis is fitter than ever at 39 + everything we know about her diet and exercise routine

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Mila Kunis is notoriously private. She doesn’t even have her own Instagram account (sigh), but she does occasionally open up about her private life in interviews, including, case in point, her health and wellness routine.

We first heard about it when she transformed her body for her role in the Black Swan in 2010, but there are plenty more tips and tricks we’ve picked up on since then, and judging by how fit and strong she looks in the trailer for her new film Luckiest Girl Alive, she’s reaping the rewards. From the six exercises she swears by to what she eats on a ‘regular’ day, here’s everything she does that you could take on, too.

1. She exercises consistently

If you’re a loyal WH reader, you’ll know that consistency is key to seeing results (or just feeling your best, if you don’t have a physical/performance-based goal, like lifting a certain weight, in mind), and Mila previously shared with Harper’s Bazaar that she trains three times a week. In another interview, she added that this increased to seven days a week, five hours per day, in prep for embodying the Black Swan.

Now, we’re not suggesting you train anywhere near as often as this (it’s Mila’s job to do so), rather that you find a routine that you can feasibly stick to. First think about how often you can realistically fit in a workout per week, then consider how long those workouts should be. FYI, it’s not necessary to do 60-90 min long sessions. A 20-30 min sesh may well do the trick, depending on your goal(s).

2. She home cooks

When it comes to food, Mila likes to make her own meals. ‘I can make anything out of leftovers. I want to be a judge on Top Chef,’ she told Harper’s Bazaar, adding, ‘My glass of wine and I are besties.’

3. She’s dedicated, but she knows when she’s overdone it

Mila dropped to a weight of just 95 pounds when training for the Black Swan, but she was well aware this wasn’t healthy. Speaking to E! News, she explained: ‘I would literally look at myself in the mirror and I was like, “Oh my God!”

‘I had no shape, no boobs, no ass…All you saw was bone. I was like, “This looks gross.”’

As we’ve mentioned, it’s Mila’s job to lose (or gain) weight to embody certain roles for filming, but for you and us, the emphasis should be less on aesthetics and more on how you feel inside. Start by switching out aesthetic goals for those with a skill focus – they come with a much greater sense of accomplishment. Take our word for it.

4. She’s all about balance

Once filming for Black Swan wrapped up, Mila’s mission was to gain the weight she’d lost. First stop? Fast food.

‘The first thing I did was go and get Panda Express at the Virgin America airport terminal at JFK. Then I landed in L.A. and I got in my car and I drove to In-N-Out (Burger) and I had a Double Double Animal Style with a root-beer float. It was fantastic,’ she told the Boston Herald. A girl after our own hearts.

5. She has a trainer

A personal trainer can be an invaluable investment for someone with the time and money (not always possible, we know – cheers, cost of living crisis), and Mila knows the deal. She worked out with Brian Abercrombie in prep for her role in the Black Swan, who helped her train as safely and sustainably as possible, albeit with such an extreme aesthetic goal to achieve.

PT not an option? Our guides on everything from technique and form for strength training, weightlifting and cardio can be a useful resource. Alternatively, try following one of our many training plans, like this 7-day workout plan for beginners with Kayla Itsines, or this 14-day kettlebell workout plan with Cass Olholm.

6. She follows a particular workout structure

Whether with a specific workout split, push-pull workout plan or training method, achieving your goals will be a ton easier if you decipher a clear-cut way of getting there. When Mila trained with PT Brian, he used a technique called P.A.S.E. (Power, Agility, Strength and Endurance). Why? For one, it’s an efficient form of workout for someone tight for time like Mila, since it incorporates the whole body rather than one part, but it also ticks off four major elements of fitness: power, agility, strength and endurance.

The traditional P.A.S.E. workout is formed of six exercises, done in circuits for 40 minutes with no rest:

7. She prioritises downtime

Mila values her downtime as much as the next gal, and her fave way to switch off is by spending time with her friends. ‘We’ll hang out by the pool, have mai tais, and roll around in the grass with my dogs,’ she told WH US. Since the time of WH's interview, she’s become a mother to two and is married to Ashton Kutcher (follow his IG for a look at their home life), so she undoubtedly now spends time with her family, too.

8. She follows a routine

For anyone with a busy lifestyle like Mila, a routine can be an easy way to maintain a clear head without getting overwhelmed. Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar, Mila said she’s always been a ‘creature of habit’.

9. She practices yoga

During her first pregnancy with son Wyatt, Mila was photographed outside a yoga studio with her bump in full bloom, and she’s not the only celeb who practices yoga on the reg. Kate Hudson, Halle Berry and Jennifer Aniston are also big fans, and have spoken about the effect it has on both their physical and mental health.

Check out the best yoga studios in London, as well as the best yoga stretches to practice daily.

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