16 Scary But Chic Halloween Nail Art Trends You Have To Try This Year

Charlotte Bitmead
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Halloween may be looking a bit different this year but without the stress of deciding which evil spirit animal you'll be embodying on the night, gives us more time to focus on what's really important: the nail art.

It may not be worth the fuss of spray painting your hair red to just sit at home and binge watch The Addams Family for the millionth time, or catch up on the newest American Horror Stories series on Netflix (if you're feeling brave enough) but trying your hand at some DIY Halloween nail art or visiting your local salon, provides all the spooky vibes without any of the stress.

From ghoulish ghost-inspired manicures to wholesome festive pumpkins, we've rounded up the scariest and most creative Halloween nail designs out there for you to enjoy whilst eating that abandoned trick or treat candy (silver linings right?).

1. The Nails Have Eyes

2. A Puuurfect Mani

3. Web Designs

4. Lil' Pumpkins

5. It's Witchcraft

6. Day Of The Dead

7. In Stitches

8. Trick Or Treat

9. Spidey Senses

10. Ghosted

11. Just Bitten Nails

12. Boo-tiful

13. Pick Of The Patch

14. Bloody Brilliant

15. Scream Queen

16. Pumpkin Spice

Just remember to swap the everyday minimal mani back in for work the next day...

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