The Best Wireless Gym Headphones for Sweaty Workouts

17 best wireless headphones for 2023, from just £999
The Best Wireless Headphones for Sweaty WorkoutsBeats // Hearst

If you're a Men's Health regular, we're sure you've seen Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's sweat-filled Iron Paradise Instagram videos and felt a mild tinge of jealousy that he can work out in such luxury. And while we can't offer you a fully-stocked, personal gym that goes wherever you go, there is one aspect of his workout environment that you can emulate at home. No, we're not talking about the ripped vests that show off his formidable physique, but instead his wireless, sweat-proof gym headphones.

The Rock has his own branded version of the in-ear cans, but there are plenty of solid devices from other brands that you can pick up right now to help you get through any workout routine. So, if your earbuds keep slipping out your ears on your evening run, or if you're having to blast your workout playlist from your phone, a pair of the best wireless headphones are the perfect solution.

The Best Gym Headphones

Samsung's Galaxy Buds FE are among the best value earbuds in their price range. At £99, they deliver good quality active noice cancellation, proving surprisingly effective at blocking out nearby sounds on busy tubes, trains and in the gym compared to the performance of similarly price buds.

If size matters to you (and in this case, we mean the smaller the better) then these will certainly impress. The buds themselves are compact and lightweight, and so too is the charging case, which is impressively small, taking up very little space in your pocket.

As for comfort, the wing-tip design means they remained firmly in place during both short, fast runs, as well as slower, longer efforts up to 2 hours long. Even excessive sweat proved to be no match, which can't be said for other headphones we've tried.

There is one fairly considerable downside, however, and that is to unlock their full potential, you'll need to connect them to an android phone. If you already own one, you can go ahead and download the supported Samsung app where you can alter the shortcut controls and run Samsung's 'fit test' function. If you're an Apple user, however, you'll have to make do with the default settings, as there's currently no like for like app for iOS, which isn't the end of the world, but certainly not ideal.

Boasting the superior sound we’ve come to expect from the Doctor (“like a nightclub in your ears” according to our testers), these water-resistant cans offer over six hours of battery life. You also get an hour’s playback from a five-minute plug-in, so you’ll never have to plod through a tough session in silence.

They don’t come cheap, but training with a pair of Beats in your ears is a joy. Our audio expert couldn’t fault the rich sound, and they had remarkable staying power as we worked out, making them a great choice for gym goers and music lovers alike.

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These bad boys are specifically designed for sport, and it shows. The noise cancellation is impeccable for drowning out distractions ahead of a 1RM attempt, but there’s also an open adaptor to let outside noise in – handy for outdoor sessions. Fully sweatproof, they came top of the class for sound quality and stayed firmly in place no matter how many power cleans or box jumps we got in.

These nifty earbuds are the dream for both strength training and running. Try before you buy, though, as the twist-in style isn’t the comfiest on all ear shapes, but chances are, you’ll love them.

The Airpods’ innovative Ear Tip Fit Test is like a trip to the tailor for your ears, telling you (via your iPhone) which silicone tips you should use for the perfect fit. This allows them to create a seal between your ear canal and the earbuds, ensuring great sound and minimal leakage.

The noise cancellation is impeccable if you’re looking to block out distractions, and there’s also a transparency mode to let outside noises in — useful if running through busier areas. The Airpods Pro don’t come cheap, but with natty touch controls and the ability to summon Siri, you get plenty for your money.

Whether your squats are soundtracked by death metal or slow jams, Sennheiser’s impeccable sound quality will do your gym playlist justice. Our audio expert was blown away by the detailed sound and impressive noise cancelling tech, reporting minimal leakage or distortion. The mega 60-hour battery life deserves plaudits, and there’s Apt-X support to give you that surround sound experience.

They will do the job nicely for all your workouts, whether you’re lifting weights or getting your heart rate up with a HIIT sesh. On test, they didn’t budge once – even during vigorous exercise – and they felt extremely comfortable. The smart controls were a tad too responsive but that’s hardly a dealbreaker.

For top-of-the-range active noise cancelling and immersion modes that bring your audio to life, look no further than Bose's latest in-ear offering, the QuietComfort Ultra Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds. When it comes to getting in the zone and shutting off from all the distractions around you, these earbuds are superb, particularly in noisy places. The audio quality, as you'd expect from a Bose products, is also top-tier.

In terms of comfort, these live up to their name thanks to the interchangeable ear tips which guarantee a snug fit. During gym-based workouts, the buds stayed in place just fine, however, we did notice they become a tad loose during runs and when we got a heavy sweat on. If you wear a beanie over the top of these earbuds, it's also worth turning off the tap controls so you don't accidentally skips tracks or pause your music without meaning to.

These second-gen Samsung buds don’t come cheap, but they’re worth every penny. They won’t fall out of your ears (even when you’re going hell for leather on the treadmill), our audiophile praised the “smooth, rich sound” and stellar noise cancellation, and the compact charging case pops in your pocket easily. Fancy features such as voice detect, which turns on ambient mode and lowers the volume when you’re talking, and neck-stretch reminders impressed our testers.

Though compatible with any Android or iOS device, those within the Samsung ecosystem can enjoy high-tech extras including 24-bit audio and 360-degree head tracking. Easy to set up, comfortable to wear and stylish to boot, they’re more than worthy of a spot in your gym bag.

If a heavy bass is what it takes to get you through those heavy sets, the Beats Studio Pro will deliver with their punchy sound. And what’s more, with a sound isolation level described as ‘outstanding’ by our audiophile (even without the active noise cancellation mode applied), there’s no chance of getting distracted during a set. If you’re exercising outside and need to be aware of your surroundings, the transparency mode can be turned on, too.

Beats has re-engineered its studio overhead model to have the most powerful sound experience yet, serving up 40 hours of fully charged listening time. The spatial audio feature tracks your head movements to bring a theatre-like surround sound element, so you can channel your inner Rocky with a truly immersive sound experience.

These sleek over-ears combine function and aesthetics, with a range of colours alongside the classic black and white pairs, such as deep brown and navy. The foldable design and hooked hardshell case make them ideal for carrying around with you. Just note, the earpads are a little snug, so you may want to try before you buy.

If you regularly train outdoors or run-commuting is your jam, consider nabbing a pair of bone conduction headphones. Unlike regular buds, these clever bits of kit vibrate against your cheekbones and send sound straight to your inner ear, allowing you to hear what’s going on around you while enjoying some tunes or a podcast. Aside from helping us stay aware of our surroundings, they also worked a treat when running as part of a group.

Our testers were impressed with the secure but comfy ear hooks and lightweight design, saying they didn't weigh them down as they pounded the pavement. The control buttons were responsive and easy to navigate when on the move and, thanks to the fast charge feature (you get two hours of battery life with one 10-minute charge), we never had to face a silent slog home.

Bear in mind, however, bone conduction designs aren’t best suited to gym sessions – we experienced significant noise leakage and the wraparound band made lying down exercises like chest press and crunches a tad awkward. All in all, though, a top choice for all your outdoor fitness pursuits.

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These sweatproof headphones are made with heavy sessions in mind. We were impressed by the sound quality straight out the box, but if it’s not to your liking, you can tinker with the bass and treble via the free Jabra Sound+ app — pretty neat, eh?

They come with a selection of silicone tips, meaning we could find a pair that provided a secure, comfortable fit, and they can draw an hour’s worth of juice from just 15 minutes of charge. The Elite 8 Active also a nifty “Find My Jabra” feature, with the app able to lead you to their last known location.

Beats smallest earbuds to date, the Studio Buds give you everything you need in a set of wireless headphones. They deliver a high-quality and powerful sound, stay put when you need them to and remain comfortable no matter how long you wear them for. They're both sweat- and water-resistant too, meaning they can stand up to the harshest of workouts.

Coming in red, black and white colourways, Beats latest offering also last about five hours with noise-cancelling on, or up to eight with it switched off. A five-minute charge in the case is also enough to give you about an hour of playback.

Put simply, they sound great, they look great and they last for ages, so while this won't be the last time you see the Beats brand on this list, you certainly can't go wrong training with a pair of Studio Buds in your ears.

If you've got the cash to burn then the AirPods Pro Max might just be the best choice for you, particularly if you've already got an iPhone. They connect to your handset instantly with Apple's quick one-tap connect, and come with a great adaptive equaliser and 3D audio software for getting that true surround-sound experience when watching stuff on Disney+. You also get brilliant active noise cancellation and the audio quality is about as good as it gets.

If you’re looking for value for money, look no further than the Beats Flex.They are super affordable at around £69, and are great for taking out on runs thanks to the neck cable and secure tips.

The audio quality is impressive, comparable to some of the other headphones on this list that cost more than four times as much. There’s no ANC, but they offer a decent range and a deep bass.

The battery life is more than enough for a week’s worth of exercising, and they are fully waterproof –they might have accidentally had a spin or two in our washing machine and come out working perfectly fine.

What to Look for When Buying Gym Headphones


You can find three types of headphones on the market, with the first being on-ear, which means the cushion rests on top of the ear, with a headband to keep them in place. You’ll also find over-ear headphones, where the cups surround your ear for a bit more comfort and finally, there are in-ear buds, like The Rock's.

Battery life

Wireless headphones aren't just good for the gym. You may be listening to them for several hours a day; in the gym, on your way to the office and whenever you need musical or podcast accompaniment.

The headphones on this list are all wireless and require recharging at some point, though the battery lives range from five hours all the way up to 30 hours.

Noise cancellation

Many modern headphones will have active noise cancellation or ANC. This feature blocks out external sounds to help you focus on the music and get in the zone for your workout.


Many of the wireless headphones below come with accessories to make life easier. Some come with a travel or charging case to keep them safe when on the move, while others may come with additional ear tips of different sizes.


All wireless headphones will have some form of controllability on the devices themselves so you don’t have to reach for your phone to change tracks or answer a call. Some are quite smart and let you control things with a tap of a finger on the bud, while others have in-line controls on a connecting wire or a button.

How We Test Headphones

We wanted to make sure these wireless headphones were truly worthy of your workouts, so editors and writers sourced some of the best pairs on the market and put them to the test.

This involved trialling them during resistance training and running to make sure they didn’t slip out of our ears. They were also judged on their design, ease of use and battery life.

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