8 clever beauty steps passed down to the woman&home team - from the women who raised them

 Three women applying beauty products on their neck, hands and lips.
Three women applying beauty products on their neck, hands and lips.

While the impact of the women in our lives can never truly be measured, you can spot their influence in everything we do, from the way we laugh right down to how we apply our lipstick. So, to mark International Women's Day, the woman&home team has shared all the beauty tips and tricks they've learnt from the women who shaped them...

Whether it's dousing our faces in the best sunscreens under the watchful eye of our mothers, or mimicking how our grandmothers would spritz their long-lasting perfumes, we've likely all had some beauty-related wisdom instilled in us. And though we've probably retired some along the way in favour of high-tech facial tools and upgraded products, others have become integral steps in our routines - and still inform our approach to both makeup and skincare, in general, even as adults.

So, to celebrate International Women's Day 2024 and to pass on some of that said wisdom, here are all the beauty pointers we've picked up from the women who came before us - plus an expert verdict from our Digital Beauty Editor, Aleesha Badkar, on whether it's a ritual still worth following...

The beauty and skincare steps we've learnt from the women who shaped us

1. Classic colours will always work

"My mum always modelled that you can't go wrong with classic colours when it comes to lips and nails. Reds, nudes, beiges and browns - they will always work, no matter the season or the event.

"So thanks to my mumma I've definitely developed a signature colour palette in both my beauty look and fashion style, as I'm generally a strictly neutrals or monochrome person - with a pop of pink, pattern or colour now and then..."

- Aleesha Badkar, Digital Beauty Editor

  • Beauty Editor verdict: I may be biased but I think this is one worth remembering...that said though, for me, everyone should go with colours that make them feel good!

2. Apply moisturiser upwards

"A skincare tip passed down from my grandma then to my mum is how to apply day creams and moisturisers. My grandma always told up so work upwards on your face with applying creams and avoid dragging products down in order to prevent any premature wrinkles.

"She especially stressed the importance of doing this on your neck too, never forget your neck!!"

- Emily Smith, Digital Homes Writer

  • Beauty Editor verdict: This one definitely has some legs! But a point to note - for those who massage downwards for lymphatic drainage, make sure to use an oil to prevent any excess dragging of the skin.

3. Make the most out of your SPF

"As we all know SPF is no-skip step in our everyday skincare routines, but a handy tip I picked up from a friend's mum is to use any excess product left over on the backs of your hands.

"Similar to our faces and necks, our hands are often out in the sun more than the rest of our bodies so it's important to protect them from the sun too!"

- Emily Smith, Digital Homes Writer

  • Beauty Editor verdict: I do this everyday myself! Don't be afraid to reapply if it's a particularly sunny day.

4. Apply your foundation with your fingers

"My mum has always favoured a natural makeup look and taught me to apply my foundation with my fingers, to achieve a very subtle but glowy finish. I can remember watching her mix her base products on the back of her hand before using her ring finger to very gently blend them under her eyes. She would also only apply foundation very intentionally - rather than all over - which is something I still do to this day.

"It has instilled in me a value to be very gentle with my skin and to let it breathe, even where makeup is concerned."

- Naomi Jamieson, Digital Beauty Writer

  • Beauty Editor verdict: Personally, I agree this. I prefer to let foundation enhance, rather than cover up, my skin - so intentional application and forgoing tools is my preference. However, everybody's needs are different, so for those who want or need more coverage, application tools can definitely be useful.

5. Make your lipstick multi-use

"My mum always used to use her lipstick as a blusher and that has to be one of my favourite tricks for a cohesive and speedy makeup look.

"I remember her using her various Chanel Rogue Coco lipsticks on her cheeks when I was younger and it always looked sophisticated despite how quickly she pulled her look together. I still do this a lot, especially when I'm travelling, and it never lets me down!"

- Amelia Yeomans, Senior Beauty & Fashion Writer

  • Beauty Editor verdict: I'm all about a multi-use product - it keeps your colour palette consistent and is easier to take on-the-go!

6. Be careful with your tweezers

"My mother told me to never tweeze my brows from above and only shape them from below. Of course, like anyone growing up in the noughties, I obviously ignored her sage advice and overplucked my brows from any and all directions.

"After letting them grow back in, I now have much fuller brows and you'll only ever find me shaping them from below. She was of course right all along - sorry for ignoring you, Mum!"

- Laura Harman, Digital Entertainment Editor

  • Beauty Editor verdict: This is definitely something I was taught by my mum too, so - while lots of people probably have different techniques for them - it's a rule that's never let me down!

7. Create an all-day perfume aroma

"My mum has always sprayed her perfume on her hair to help her fragrance last longer and continue releasing its notes throughout the day.

"It’s something I’ve done throughout my life too and I’ve often had compliments from others about my perfume when I do!"

- Emma Shacklock, Digital Royals Editor

  • Beauty Editor verdict: Now this can be a contentious one, as many experts actually advise against doing this as the strong alcohol content in perfumes can leave hair strands dry and damaged. That being said though, if you spray a light mist from quite far away I think you can probably get away with it - I definitely do!

8. Wear SPF everyday...and don't forget your neck

"Years before it became mainstream and from my early teenage years, my mum kept on at me about the importance of wearing a moisturiser with SPF every day - on face and neck, and especially in winter when I'd otherwise think I didn't need it.

"All these years later, I'm so grateful for her intervention and installing good basic skincare habits in me!"

- Grace Walsh, Digital Health Editor

  • Beauty Editor verdict: One that cannot be argued with.