9 Bridgerton garden trends for a chic Regency-style outdoor space

bridgerton nicola coughlan as penelope featherington
9 Bridgerton garden trends to recreateLiam Daniel / Netlfix

You don't have to be a period drama connoisseur to appreciate the sophistication and decadence of the perfectly manicured gardens in Bridgerton.

Tapping into the Regencycore aesthetic, there aren't many scenes that don't feature grand country estates full of ornamental topiary, impressive borders, extravagant water features and breathtaking flower displays.

Now onto its third season, many of the gardens filmed for Bridgerton belong to stately period homes in real life, with previous locations including Hatfield House, Painshill Park and Windsor Great Park. And for Chelsea Flower Show 2024, Netflix will debut the Bridgerton Garden designed by Holly Johnston, to reflect Penelope Featherington's personal journey. The garden design includes a moongate, water feature and sunken seating area alongside whimsical planting to create an informal look and natural feel.

'The first thing that comes to many people’s minds when they think about Bridgerton is the charming scenery which adds to the romantic atmosphere in the hit TV series,' says Chris Bonnet, founder of Gardening Express. 'The climbing wisterias, majestic fountains, perfectly manicured shrubs and extravagant rose displays found in Regency-style gardens make the perfect setting for high society promenades, balls and garden parties.'

It might seem impossible to recreate these landscaped gardens on a smaller scale, but here we show you exactly how. Lady Whistledown and the Ton will be impressed!

bridgerton nicola coughlan as penelope featherington
Bridgerton season three: Penelope Featherington (aka Lady Whistledown)Liam Daniel / Netlfix

Here's how to recreate the biggest Bridgerton garden trends and embrace romanticism and elegance in your own outdoor space this spring/summer...

1. Wisteria (and other trailing plants)

When it comes to kerb appeal, nothing beats the Bridgerton family house thanks to the beautiful climbing wisteria which adorns its facade. Always a much-loved climbing plant, Primrose revealed that following Bridgerton's record-breaking first season in December 2020, searches for 'Amethyst wisteria' soared as much as 400 per cent.

Alternatively, try roses or clematis montana. These will work well with most structures and will create a striking effect in any space. Grow these up against a pergola, trellis, wall or fence to add drama and height to your garden, and ultimately to transport you into a world of romance and refinement, reminiscent of the beloved Netflix series.

To train climbing plants to grow along your chosen support structure, gently tie them to the structure using plant ties and regularly prune to encourage upward growth.

2. Colourful borders or containers

The regal gardens seen in the show feature wonderful variations of colour. Whites, pinks, purples and blues are reminiscent of the Regency era, but for season three, as Penelope takes centre stage, it's fitting to embrace the bold, citrus shades that we see so often in the Featherington household. Nigel Lawton, plant buyer at Dobbies, says shades of red, orange and pink are set to be popular this spring, reflecting Penelope's growth and blossoming romance in the new season.

So how do you achieve this vivacious colour? Opt for summer-flowering bulbs like dahlias, bagonias, lilies and gladioli. 'Cottage garden plants are a wonderful way to get the Regency look too, with hardy annuals like nigella, centaura and calendula bringing a burst of colour when grouped together. Roses will also give your garden a romantic look and help mirror the spaces seen on the show,' says gardening expert Marcus Eyles.

country plant pots
Contemporary country pots, shop the look at Dobbies Garden CentresDobbies Garden Centres

3. A pergola

Fancy sipping on high tea under a pergola after a short promenade across the gardens? Follies are commonly found in the gardens used for the Bridgerton sets, but a statement pergola is a good alternative if you want to achieve a similar level of extravagance. Once adorned with climbing greenery, it will add a touch of grandeur to your garden – and it'll make for a great spot to enjoy a summer soiree in your own back yard.

No space for a pergola? Play around with height instead. 'If you don’t have the space for a pergola, you can achieve height by grouping together potted plants of different sizes and colours on a raised display,' suggests Marcus.

wooden pergola
krblokhin - Getty Images

4. Furniture for socialising

For a Bridgerton-inspired garden, country-style furniture will fit in perfectly with the Regencycore theme; think refined, ornate details and elegant curves to achieve that regal charm. Seating is a must, so table sets for alfresco dining and garden sofas for relaxing is ideal. Exuding effortless elegance, metal garden furniture will work perfectly here, especially those with intricate detailing.

a table with flowers on it

5. Topiary

The ornamental topiary gardens in Bridgerton are quite simply spectacular and topiary shrubs are a key feature of Regency-style gardens. Topiary, the art of trimming trees and shrubs into shapely sculptures, is a great way to make a statement and give your garden a grand look and feel, but it can of course take time to perfect your sculpting skills.

Cones and balls are two of the easiest shapes to create and maintain, but for minimal upkeep, use potted topiary plants in clear geometrical shapes and use to section off the garden into zones. An easy alternative is to neaten up your shrubs and give them a good trim to ensure clean lines.

clipped conical shaped yew trees taxus and lavender lavandula, france
David Burton - Getty Images

6. A garden room or secluded seating area

Incorporating a garden room will give your outdoor space a luxurious focal point, perfect for a stylish soirée, Bridgerton-style. If space is an issue, even a small gazebo (or the pop-up variety) in your garden corner can be turned into a perfect sanctuary, and it offers year-round appeal too.

A budget-friendly option is to just carve out a seating area – you only need a corner of your garden and you could add an arbour to create a secluded space, which you can also train plants against.

a garden with a bench and plants
Round arbour, AgriframesAgriframes

Another affordable choice is a canopy. 'A small pop up gazebo or canopy will create a perfect social space for guests over the spring and summer months. Look for a cream or pinstripe patterned product with fringing to create romance. Avoid harsh colours or dark tones and keep to a pastel or neutral colour palette to in keep with the Regency style,' says Ali Wooldridge, co-founder of luxury garden furniture company, Gardenesque.

7. Water features

If there's one thing a Bridgerton-style garden needs, it's a grand water fountain. Water features are a pivotal focal point for all Regency-style gardens and there is the additional benefit of listening to the calming, soothing sound of water.

They don't need to be grand to be noteworthy, however. 'Creating a small, circular pond with a single tier, Regency-style stone fountain will bring a touch of serenity and elegance to any garden,' says Crown Pavilions CEO, Luke Dejahang.

8. Pathway

A clear, well-defined path is a must for any decent promenade. Choose a path that helps create atmosphere and leads the eye through your garden, encouraging you to linger on other focal points such as fountains, topiary or colourful beds.

Think about the path to different zones in your garden, such as your garden room. 'When it comes to what materials to use, it really comes down to personal preference,' says Luke. 'For some, gravel can be a nice contrast to the timber, especially Cotswold chippings. Frustratingly, gravel (like wood chip) will migrate to other areas of your garden especially with high foot traffic. Many of our clients use flagstone paving to create pathways leading to their pavilions, these draw visitors' eyes to their garden showpiece.'

stone path in a summer garden
Yola Watrucka - Getty Images

9. Accessories

An element of styling is key to create a romantic garden setup that would be worthy on any Bridgerton set, so use accessories that capture the essence of the Regency era to add all the finishing touches. Choose from delicate bird feeders, vintage-inspired shelves and terracotta pots to elevate your garden.

Ali advises to use a combination of large and small terracotta pots: 'Larger pots will create drama and can also frame certain areas of the garden, such as steps, doors and seating areas, for visual interest. Using terracotta pots with ornate detailing will lean even more so into the Regency garden style.'

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