7 Fall Makeup Looks That Experts Say Will Be Trending This Season

‘Tis the season to switch up your makeup.

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Nothing against the excitement of a back-to-school shopping session or the thrill of that first sip of a PSL, but fall makeup is really what gets us going as the seasons change. After the generally more minimal looks of the summer, it’s fun to bust out the products again and play and experiment. And this year, there are plenty of ways to play. “This fall we’re seeing a trend of different TikTok makeup looks merging together,” says celebrity makeup artist and founder of Jamie Makeup, Jamie Greenberg. There’s no shortage of different trends that people can pick and choose from to create their signature fall look, she adds. Looking for a place to start? Get some inspo from these seven makeup looks that experts say will be huge this season.

Velvet Lips

“Statement lips made a comeback at Fashion Week this year, so I expect we will see a lot of bold lips in the fall,” says makeup artist Rebecca Restrepo. Now's a great time to try a bold lip if you haven’t before and experiment with new colors and finishes. More specifically, a velvet matte lip is beautiful paired with cozy sweaters or when you’re getting glammed up for date night, she adds. We like: Shiseido ModernMatte Powder Lipstick in Shadow Dancer ($26; shiseido.com). To keep it fresh for fall 2023, pair your darker lip with an even slightly darker lip liner, she suggests. This is a nod to '90s makeup, another trending look (more on that in a moment).

Strawberry Girl Makeup

It should come as no surprise that Hailey Beiber has inspired yet another beauty trend. This no-makeup makeup look creates the illusion of being fresh out of the sun, a nice transition for the end of summer into the beginning of fall, says Greenberg. It’s all about peachy bronzed cheeks, a glossy lip, and faux freckles; she recommends using a dual lip and cheek product to create a monochromatic look, like the Caliray Social Superbloom Lip + Cheek Tint Soft Stain Blush in Heat Wave ($28, sephora.com). Then use the Lime Crime Freckle Pen ($15; nordstrom.com) to add a smattering of faux freckles across your cheeks—no sun damage!

Neon Eyeliner

“Neon eyeliners are popular this fall because they offer a strong, vibrant, and unexpected pop of color to your makeup look, one that contrasts with the traditional earthy tones associated with the season,” says celebrity makeup Lisa G.  Keep the rest of your makeup clean and minimal and have the neon liner be the focus. Choose any electric shade that speaks to you; she’s a fan of the Hard Candy Cold Liquid Eyeliner in Yellow it’s Me, Liquid Money, and Blue my Way ($8; hardcandy.com). You can also apply it any way you like, be it a tight line, a bolder cat eye, or just a subtle winged liner.

‘90s Grunge

“‘90s makeup is slowly making a comeback, specifically the grunge look, which is great for anyone who loves drama,” explains Greenbgerg. “This look is very heavy, relying on gloomy colors such as dark red, burgundy, and blue-gray tones.” Play with these tones on your lips, cheeks, and lids, but no matter what, focus on your eyes. “The key to this look is using a black eyeliner and smudging it out with your finger or a blending brush, and topping that off with lots of thick, black mascara,” she says. Try Hi Beautiful You BE YOU MASCARA Lash Extension Treatment Mascara ($28; hibeautifulyou.com). “It’s incredibly buildable and effortlessly primes, darkens, lengthens and extends lashes with a beautiful black velvet finish. A few coats of this mascara is all it takes to achieve the dramatic lash effect,” says Restrepo.

Latte Makeup

All of the experts we spoke with unanimously cited this as one of the top makeup trends of Fall 2023. It’s all about the fact that it creates serious cozy fall vibes, says Lisa G. “It captures the essence of the season's transition, bringing warmth and comfort through soft brown hues, creamy beiges, and subtle neutrals. Just as the leaves change color, latte makeup embraces the shift from summer's vibrancy to fall's cozy aesthetic, creating a look that's both inviting and sophisticated,” she explains. Let your skin shine through with a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer, then pick up a shadow palette with these earthy colors to use on your eyes. Smashbox Cover Shot Eye Palette in Minimalist ($32; smashbox.com) fits the bill. Bronzer and a nude/beige-y blush will finish the look.

Flushed Cheeks

Even though cream blushes are often more associated with a summer-y look, both Greenberg and Restrepo say they’ll continue to be popular into the fall, an easy way to look glowy and youthful.  “To make the look feel current, you want the blush to be more sculptural versus circular. Lightly dot your favorite cream blush just above the apples of your cheeks then use a blush brush or your fingers to sweep the color upward toward your ears,” suggests Restrepo. Finish by applying a hint of color to the bridge of your nose for a naturally sun-kissed effect. Try Ilia Multi-Stick Cream Blush + Highlighter + Lip Tint ($36; sephora.com).


It’s been all about Barbie everything as of late and Greenberg says the trend isn’t going anywhere. This look includes pastels with touches of bright pink and bold neons tied together with eye-catching metallic accents, says Greenberg. If that feels like a lot, you can take the trend for a test run by simply swiping on a bold pink lip; Greenberg is a fan of LYS Beauty Speak Love Moisture Matte Lipstick in Optimistic ($26; sephora.com).

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