7 Evening classes to attend to expand your mind (and social circle)

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Many say that even after your school years, you never stop learning. But for lots of us, this can feel like overly-optimistic thinking - especially if you work nine to five and like to curl up with a box set after a long day.

So if you haven’t considered signing up to an evening class before, throw all of your pre-conceptions out of the window and think about it again.

Because nowadays, there’s a huge variety of subjects to choose from at every skill level, and whether salsa or travel is your thing, watching yourself improve is more rewarding than you can imagine.

1. Life drawing


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Before you dismiss this one straight away, think about this: What better way to be pushed out of your comfort zone than, er, drawing naked people?

It can seem a pretty crazy activity to those who haven’t given it a go before, but once the initial surprise is over, you’ll soon find yourself testing your abilities in a way you never have before.

And no, no one cares if you’re no good at drawing - unsurprisingly, people who like going to life drawing are pretty relaxed.

2. Learn a language


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If you were rubbish at languages in school and struggle to push out a “merci” on holiday in France, it’s easy to think you’re a lost cause.

But it’s never too late to learn. Attending a language class will make you realise that loads of other people are in the same boat as you, and that with a bit of patience, it’s not as hard as you might have thought.

3. Creative writing classes


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Lots of people think that writing comes from ‘the heart’, and can’t be taught in a class.

They couldn’t be more wrong - writing is a skill like any other, and just a small amount of teaching and sharing will make you realise how important it is sharing yours with others.

It’s fun and very satisfying, too.

4. Dance classes


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If watching Dirty Dancing makes you want to get up off your feet, but you have no idea what to do with them, dance classes can be a brilliant way of learning some moves.

Whether it’s ballroom dancing or samba that takes your fancy, going to beginners’ sessions is great fun and a good way of making friends, too.

5. Mindfulness workshops


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This one’s perfect if you have a stressful, mile-a-minute lifestyle.

Known to help with stress and anxiety, mindfulness meditation is an interesting new topic to learn about but incredibly practical too - just a few sessions can leave you calmer and equipped to practice it by yourself as well.

6. Get your craft on


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Nope - arts and crafts isn’t just for when you’re a child or recently retired.

We spend so much time nowadays flicking through social media and reading screens that it can be easy to forget how satisfying it is making beautiful things out of different materials - whether that’s knitting, jewellery making or embroidering.

A craft workshop will help you make things you’re truly proud of, and ensure you meet a mixture of people along the way.

7. Filmmaking courses

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If you’ve always fancied yourself as a director, it can be hard to start without access to the right equipment.

By signing up to a course, you can learn how to use the right bits of kit hands on from the experts, from shooting to editing.

Go on, take a risk - give one of them a go.

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