At 64, Madonna shows her 🔥 legs in fishnets while totally topless

In preparation for the Halloween festivities, Madonna went bare in recent Instagram stories of her totally topless in fishnet tights. The celeb held nothing back as she showed off her bare chest with strategically-placed emojis while wearing high-waisted, corset bottoms.

The 64-year-old pop star also gave fans a glimpse of her epic legs in the stories, revealing her long, strong muscles in fishnet tights.

The Hung Up singer wore a bustier lingerie 'fit in another photo that she decorated with a candy emoji. So festive!

Madonna captioned one of the topless pics, 'Went from Candy to Money.' I'm sensing a theme here...does Madonna have a sweet tooth?

The singer previously shared what her daily diet typically includes, and spoiler alert: candy is not on the menu.

Madonna credits the macrobiotic diet for keeping her fit and fuelled, Women's Health Australia reported. The meal plan is mostly vegetarian, although it can include vegan meals, and emphasises eating whole fruits and veggies.

When it comes to Madonna's exercise of choice, she can't get enough of Pilates. She uses a reformer Pilates machine to target the muscles in her legs and booty, according to an IG from last September. She also includes an arm pull in the routine for that full-body burn.

Madonna is a big dancer and loves her gruelling Tracy Anderson workouts, according to WH Australia. 'I’ve always danced and exercised,' she told Life and Style Magazine in 2019.

She also works on her impressive moves with her personal trainer, Marlyn Ortiz, who is a dancer, choreographer, and aerialist.

Beyond dancing, Madonna and Ortiz also work on stretching and rehab together to make sure that the celeb is strong and healthy for whatever her career throws her way next.

Unsurprisingly, Madonna likes to keep things fresh and new, even when it comes to her physical activity. 'I like keeping things interesting, shocking my body,' she said to Life and Style Magazine.

To do so, Madonna has incorporated a lot of variety into her fitness routine over the years, including circuit training, aerobics, interval training, ballet, and jogging. With options like those, she's sure to never be bored!

Happy Halloween, Madonna. You're stronger than ever!

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