At 57, Paulina Porizkova’s abs are epic in a topless underwear pic

<span class="caption">Paulina Porizkova shares topless underwear pic</span>
Paulina Porizkova shares topless underwear pic

Paulina Porizkova is opening up about body confidence in her latest post on Instagram. The 57-year-old model and former America's Top Model judge shared a new topless photo while getting real about her bare-all approach to the new year.

'The New Year is yawning wide open. I’m greeting it bare. Because I have nothing to hide.
I’m finally comfortable in my own skin,' she wrote in a heartfelt caption.

'I don’t need armour when I’m already armed with my experiences and the wisdom they’ve brought. All the really good stuff is crammed into this body and invisible on the outside. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It’s what keeps me standing tall and proud—even when undressed,' she added.

Naturally, Paulina's followers were quick to show their love in the comments. 'You look beautiful in your own skin! ❤️,' wrote one user. 'Beautiful and nothing to hide 🙌,' added another. 'Bold AND beautiful. Hope 2023 is good to you,' a third chimed.

Paulina has been candid about her fitness journey. 'I started
exercising when I was 40. I never did anything before that—just cigarettes and poor nutrition,' she told Elle.

Now, she loves to get a good sweat session in with karate, kickboxing, and Pilates. She's also a fan of using a weighted hula hoop to strengthen her core. 'This is a weighted hoop, btw, 5 pounds, and boy, it gets your stomach muscles working while having a blast,' she wrote in a video on Instagram.

As for her diet, she revealed in 2021 that she follows the 16:8 method for intermittent fasting. This means she fasts for 16 hours a day and eats within an eight-hour window. 'I generally take it as I eat whatever I want for eight hours because I like food, but I also kind of tend to like more healthy food,' she shared.

Keep it up, Paulina!

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