From '50s Updos To Lash Mania, Marc Jacobs' Fall 2024 Show Celebrates Bold Beauty

Marc Jacobs is the ultimate doll. He reigns supreme when it comes to punk, rhinestones and EVERYTHING big. His latest fad? A sensational mixture of Hollywood's golden era aesthetics with surrealism, as seen in his Fall 2024 show. The makeup was both daring and mesmerizing, embracing the aura of a lifeless doll while rebooting the idea of whimsical, 3D beauty.

This foolproof look was sealed with two eye-shaped silk cushions embroidered with long fake eyelashes created by makeup artist, Diane Kendal. She opted for a nude look with minimal makeup besides a matte pastel eyeshadow.


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Jacobs is a endless experimenter, from rat-fuelled train campaigns to AI aliens, he transforms the obscure into high fashion trends that leave everyone feigning for more. As the temperature rises and summer energy kicks in, Jacobs reminds us to focus on joy. His press release echoes this sentiment stating, "We use fashion to embrace bold and courageous self-expression, articulating and showcasing our inner selves. This allows us to freely explore and display our thoughts, desires, and identities in a deeper pursuit of joy, beauty and personal transformation."

Jacobs has been doll-obsessed since his 40th-anniversary show, which emulated '60s women with big wigs, lashes and black-painted lashes. This Fall 2024 show also featured similar looks created by one of Marc Jacobs' favorite hairstylists, Duffy, who made '50s-like doll hairdos for the models with the most perfect gelled slick backs and baby curls peeking through.

From his glorious new nail obsession to his designs and brand ventures, Jacobs wants us to embark on this journey of self-expression and to be reminded of it anytime we see his work.