50 white bathroom ideas that are far from boring

These white bathroom schemes sparkle

<p>B&M Stores</p>

B&M Stores

White bathrooms remain a firm favourite in the majority of homes, but just because they are popular doesn’t mean they have to be boring and bland. Whether you want to jazz up the basic bathroom suite most of us have or create a spa-style sanctuary to retreat into, read on to discover how to create a striking scheme using white as the hero colour...

Plumb in a funky radiator

<p>The Radiator Centre</p>

The Radiator Centre

A few pops of colour can elevate a white bathroom by adding points of interest. For a more permanent feature, why not include an eye-catching and practical radiator?

The break from the norm can uplift both modern and traditional white bathroom schemes without compromising performance. This teal blue-toned radiator with a tall vertical design looks sleek and contemporary standing proud against white walls.

Style up with statement lighting

<p>onzon / Shutterstock</p>

onzon / Shutterstock

Make a modern statement in your white bathroom by introducing an incredible pendant ceiling light. Whether you want to introduce subtle luxury or a striking pop of colour the right ceiling light feature will instantly elevate the space.

Remember to go for a bathroom-compliant model with low wattage, and choose a warm LED bulb to instill a warm and welcoming atmosphere into an all-white scheme.

Sharpen up with white shutters

<p>California Shutters</p>

California Shutters

Cafe-style shutters make an ideal bathroom choice. Half-window styles offer a practical balance of light, privacy and cosmopolitan style.

Bathroom windows can be tricky to dress as privacy and ventilation is key. That's why the easy-to-clean and water-resistant design of shutters makes a fitting choice. While white shutters will look seamless in a white bathroom go for colourful ones to contrast.

Smarten with stripes

<p>Roper Rhodes</p>

Roper Rhodes

Stripes are proving a hot interior trend this year, but it's not a pattern that is often thought about for bathroom schemes.

Teamed with an all-white bathroom suite and neutral backdrop striped bathroom tiles can offer a stylish uplift that is smart and fresh. And that's not all, stripes make a practical small bathroom idea when laid vertically as the effect makes ceilings look higher. This soft combination of pink evokes a soothing sanctuary effect, again ideal for small spaces.

Paint the ceiling

<p>Roper Rhodes</p>

Roper Rhodes

Here's an original idea that adds a splash of colour to a white bathroom without comprising the scheme – look up! Considering a colour for the fifth wall (the ceiling) will open up an intriguing opportunity to inject character without drowning out the restful white sanctuary feel.

This aqua-like tone of Eau de Nil injects a refreshing twist without making the ceiling feel lower. The central wall-mounted vanity also highlights the subtle colour change to create the appearance of being submerged in a beautiful blue lagoon.

Calm with Japandi vibes

<p>Frontline Bathrooms</p>

Frontline Bathrooms

Choose furniture made from pale oak or sanded wood to give your white bathroom a serene Japandi vibe. The trend's peaceful and relaxing palette is a natural fit in white bathroom schemes

Think bleached grain surfaces with a contemporary and warming appearance to lend just the right amount of soft contrast to neutral backdrops and modern lines. To maximise the zen, keep the look completely clutter-free.

Install reeded panelling



If you love the idea of wall panelling but want a modern white bathroom scheme then take a look at reeded marble-effect and slatted wood panels. The tiling alternative will add depth and texture that is ideal for obtaining the on-trend 'quiet luxury' look with little effort.

Natural, oak-toned, slat-wall panels will create a minimalist and modern impact. Or, for a more fluid finish choose reeded waterproof marble effect panels to set up stunning and soft feature walls.

Tie in terrazzo pattern

<p>Shutterly Fabulous</p>

Shutterly Fabulous

Inject the popular terrazzo pattern into a white bathroom to allow the busy design to add interest. White makes the ideal backdrop for the composite material of marble chippings as the speckled surface will enliven a stark space without over-crowding the look.

Choose large-scale versions for wow factor or a smaller pattern will add subtle style. When teamed with a white bath, neutral walls and smart window shutters the finish is harmonious and heavenly.

Warm with nature

<p>George Home</p>

George Home

Earthy tones are ideal for transforming white bathroom schemes into a nature-inspired sanctuary.

To get the look, introduce pebble-tone neutrals, leafy greens and soft browns using bath mats, towels and shower curtains. Plants potted in containers made from natural materials such as terracotta will increase the organic atmosphere. To complete the woodland charm incorporate tactile storage baskets made from wood, seagrass or sisal.


Call on copper

<p>Sanctuary Bathrooms</p>

Sanctuary Bathrooms

Warm even the whitest bathroom schemes with dark metallic finishes such as copper or bronze. Hardware, radiators and pendant lighting will add striking opulence.

Or, push out a vintage vibe by opting for exposed copper pipes; the plumbing looks striking and authentic when teamed with exposed brick walls and white metro tiles.

Paint a feature wall

<p>Benjamin Moore</p>

Benjamin Moore

Yellow looks set to be a fun colour trend next season so this shot of golden amber will make a joyful choice for forward thinkers.

The bright and cheerful hue will energise an all-white scheme. Pair the warm-toned feature wall with black accents and a dark grey floor to add a monochrome vibe that's ultra-modern and harmonising with the white backdrop.

Bring in black taps

<p>Bathroom Mountain</p>

Bathroom Mountain

Instead of the standard chrome hardware, sharpen the look of your white bathroom with black taps. High-quality coated versions will repel fingerprints and watermarks making a timeless statement that lasts.

Black vintage designs are ideal if you have an industrial scheme or other black features such as window frames and Crittall-style shower screens.

Embellish an alcove

<p>Calypso Bathrooms</p>

Calypso Bathrooms

Add character to a white bathroom by utilising an alcove space as a decorative feature. Textured tiles will add subtle depth whereas a hit of colour will break up a stark white bathroom.

This green tiled alcove zones out and highlights the vanity unit and mirror making it the stand-out feature that instantly catches the eye. Setting the vanity in a recess also streamlines the room and maximises the space.

Layer up a display

<p>B&M Stores</p>

B&M Stores

Don’t have a statement bath or stylish washstand to show off? Draw the eye with a creative bathroom shelving display instead.

Keep surfaces simple using a cohesive colourway of layered whites and neutral tones. That way the room won't feel cluttered. Then, incorporate contrasting natural textures. Other ideas include folded linens, decanted shampoos and toiletries in matching bottles, baskets filled with cotton wool and a small votive candle or two.

Make your bath the centrepiece

<p>Roper Rhodes</p>

Roper Rhodes

If you’re lucky enough to have a large bathroom, why not place your bath centre stage? This creates an immediate feeling of indulgence, whether you have a traditional claw foot or a contemporary freestanding bath.

This fabulous slipper bath looks indulgent positioned at an angle. We suggest placing a rustic stool nearby to have your soap, loofah and bath-time reading close to hand.

Break the rules

<p>Tile Mountain</p>

Tile Mountain

Who says white walls are boring? This bathroom enjoys the crisp contrast of black and white by turning tradition on its head. The floor is also white, the ceiling is black and the stunning bath and vanity follow suit.

The white backdrop, with contrasting black furniture confirms that this incredible colour scheme is white first, monochrome second – we love the impact of it!

Fill with light

<p>Benjamin Moore</p>

Benjamin Moore

Ensure plenty of natural light streams in to create a vibrant and uplifting space even in small bathrooms. Place a mirror by the window to allow natural light to bounce off the reflective surface and double the sense of space.

Here, a navy blue vanity unit gives a traditional white bathroom definition as a smart focal point in the room.

Work around a white suite

<p>Simon Taylor Furniture</p>

Simon Taylor Furniture

A bathroom suite is a big investment. So big, in fact, that most of us only change ours every 10 years or so. Play it safe with white sanitaryware, as white goes with everything you can change the décor around it when you are ready for an update.

This award-winning bathroom designed by Simon Taylor Furniture incorporates a pure white bath and handmade vanity units. As white is the only colour apart from natural materials the sloped ceilings do not compromise the design and allow natural light to fill the room.

Get back to basics



It's possible to keep to a tight budget with white schemes as furniture and fixtures tend to be more affordable in basic white. Plus, you can use different styles of furniture in the same neutral white shade and still achieve a look that's 'put together'.

For a high-end look on a low-end budget build and install twin, flat-packed, vanity units with matching mirrors. In a generous-sized bathroom the aligned double feature becomes the hero with a homely yet luxurious effect.

Team with grey

<p>Sanctuary Bathrooms</p>

Sanctuary Bathrooms

Thought grey was too cold for bathrooms? Wrong! Set against white the shade can create a soothing atmosphere and looks timeless.

A smart grey-tiled alcove wall gives this elegant white bathroom a beautiful boutique hotel feel and classic chrome hardware really comes into its own here. A grey Roman blind framed by a white window looks effortlessly chic.

Relax with ambient lighting



Give a plain white bathroom plenty of atmosphere with warming candles.

It's a budget-friendly accent that can transform the look and feel of a stark white bathroom in an instant. This stylish display of pillar candles of varying heights are battery-operated LEDs so, you'll never to need worry about hot wax spills on a beautiful antique oak vanity dresser like this.

Get graphic with tile shapes

<p>Bathroom Mountain</p>

Bathroom Mountain

These diagonal-cut tiles can be used to striking effect when combined with dark grouting to show off their neat lines and set the tone for a contemporary bathroom.

An all-white suite allows the geometric pattern to be the hero while a smart black Venetian blind echoes the linear design and is an affordable but stylish window treatment.

Enhance a statement bath

<p>Pixel-Shot / Shutterstock</p>

Pixel-Shot / Shutterstock

Add a smart contrast to your white bathroom by installing a wow-factor bathtub in a striking hue. You can keep costs down by painting it yourself and opting for a standard white basin and toilet.

This contemporary teal-toned bath positioned at an angle gives a white bathroom a bold feel. Modern artwork and a bathroom shelf with a hanging planter continue the colour theme.

Brighten up with textiles



Bursts of bright and bold colour jump out all the more in white bathroom schemes. The plain canvas makes an ideal backdrop to update with changeable accessories, a fun shower curtain and rainbow-hued bath towels.

Or, for a more permanent feature these budget-friendly square wall tiles have transformed into a 'retro-cool' gridded feature using 80s-style acid yellow toned grout. Inspired? Take a trip to your local hardware store and you'll be surprised by how many grout colours are available. Some companies colour-match on request.

Frame with botanics

<p>B&M Stores</p>

B&M Stores

Plants are known for their calming, air-purifying effects, which makes them an ideal choice for a bathroom. They’re also a subtle way to add lush, natural colour to a white or neutral scheme. Place plants next to baths on windowsills or hang from the ceiling to layer up the leafy look. Look for plants that are happier in humid environments.

Kimberley Pope at Grainger PLC says: "Spathiphyllum (peace lily) require low intervention and minimum light exposure....and can help prevent the formation of mildew, making it an ideal bedroom or bathroom plant." If your bathroom is on the small side add mirrors to dark corners to enhance natural light. "By strategically placing mirrors around your apartment, you enable light to reflect into the home, creating a sunny haven for your plants to grow," continues Kimberley.

Call on coastal looks

<p>B&M Stores</p>

B&M Stores

Coastal style and white bathrooms were made for each other. Get the look with cool blues, white sandy-toned backdrops or nautical stripes.

A stand-alone bath will forge the feeling of setting sail on calming seas at bath time. Display a smattering of seaside accessories such as sea shells, decorative driftwood, sand dune-style foliage and seascape artwork to provide the perfect oceanic finishing touches.

Highlight with gold



Go for gold to create a luxurious and opulent look that shimmers. Metallic bathroom fixtures are on-trend and work wonders to break up all-white bathrooms with va-va-voom.

This shower room combines warm materials such as exposed brick and wood flooring to juxtapose with glossy tiles and gold-toned hardware. The results create a modern country look that's high-end yet homely.

Experiment with exposed walls

<p>Sanctuary Bathrooms</p>

Sanctuary Bathrooms

Exposed brick isn’t just for warehouse living spaces – it can also add urban appeal to your bathroom. If you don’t like the colour of your bricks, a coat of whitewash will give you a blank canvas to work with. It’s a good idea to seal your bricks if you’re using them in a wet zone.

If you're looking for a softer look why not try exposed stonework as an alternative? The natural grey palette soothes and adds a subtle rustic texture that's aesthetically pleasing to the eye. If using this material as a feature wall next to a bath or shower, again ensure the porous material is treated to repel water and prevent any damage.

Add a statement floor

<p>Original Style</p>

Original Style

A statement floor is a sure-fire way to transform a bathroom from plain to punchy.

Tiles are perhaps the easiest way to add pattern, but you could also try creating attractive designs using stencils on painted wooden floors.

Perfect with classic panels

<p>Bathroom Mountain</p>

Bathroom Mountain

Sash window frames and wall panelling simply painted all-over white create elegant Edwardian period charm.

Continue the theme with a centrally positioned roll-top bath and a vintage side table to create a timeless and luxurious look with very little effort.

Stay traditional

<p>Calypso Bathrooms</p>

Calypso Bathrooms

Brass is one of the metals of the moment but it was also a popular finish with the Victorians, which makes it the perfect crossover material for bathrooms that blend traditional and contemporary technology.

This simple warm white bathroom harks back to a turn-of-the-century-style boudoir. Keep the look light and fresh and add a few embellishments like a brass claw-footed roll-top bath.

Layer with accessories

<p>Ella James</p>

Ella James

A plain white bathroom can be updated quickly and easily by adding a few choice accessories. Ornaments and stylish coordinating toiletries give a bathroom an inviting and organised finish that is easy to keep tidy.

A classic off-white soap dispenser and toothbrush holder finished with a harlequin design and gold embellishment adds a touch of interest that is easy to refresh by swapping out when it's time for something new.

Work in wallpaper



An easy and effective way to add interest to a white bathroom suite is to wow with stunning wallpaper. Look for specialist treated papers that make them washable and waterproof.

This soothing bathroom has been turned into a spa-style sanctuary with a trailing pattern of cherry blossom that create a canopy-like effect over the bathtub. The delicate shades of porcelain white punctuated with stone blue petals is crisp and refreshing.

Up the luxe factor



Bright white bathrooms with lots of space can afford to boast large pieces of furniture as it will give the room instant character. An extended vanity unit with plenty of storage is beautifully functional while the raised, broken-plan bathing zone is ultra-luxurious.

This incredible bathroom tiled floor-to-ceiling in marble is inspired by the splendour of Ancient Rome. Subtle ochre and grey veins stand out against the white background providing a fluid pattern perfect for the spa-like space.

Dress windows well

<p>Prestigious Textiles</p>

Prestigious Textiles

Of course, privacy is a priority in the bathroom so practical blinds that work the room without compromising the colour scheme are key. This Roman blind printed with silhouetted pampas grasses invites the outdoors in with eye-catching authority.

A sophisticated Roman blind makes a stylish idea for a small bathroom as the folds of fabric add a softness to windows while looking neat and tidy. Opt for coated splashproof fabric to minimalise mildew. 

Think tongue and groove

<p>R2 Bathrooms</p>

R2 Bathrooms

Tongue-and-groove panelling is a Victorian favourite that we hope will never go out of fashion. Practical and versatile, it sits comfortably alongside almost any style of bathroom suite and can be refreshed or revamped with a simple lick of paint.

Farmhouse decorating is another look that can be crafted using a tongue and groove panel backdrop. Layer the look with Shaker-style bathroom furniture painted in muted tones and finish with simple wooden decorative elements.

Set in cement

<p>Tile Mountain</p>

Tile Mountain

Concrete and cement are functional and stylish choices for a bathroom. Concrete can be used as flooring or cast into units and shelving, while cement can be spread onto walls, including in shower areas and on splashbacks. The textured finish lends even basic white sanitaryware an urban edge.

Another option is to install a concrete vanity unit. If maintained properly this feature will add visual interest and balance to a white bathroom scheme and last for years.

Marvel at marble

<p>Tile Mountain</p>

Tile Mountain

Marble makes a beautiful addition to bathrooms. Even the simplest suite can be given an opulent overhaul by surrounding it with marble tiles. Pale, predominantly white stone with striking grey veins works well in contemporary and traditional schemes.

The downside to using marble in a white bathroom scheme is the price tag. If you are looking for small ways to introduce the real deal it's achievable. However, if you want a bathroom tiled floor-to-ceiling in luxurious marble you'll need deep pockets. Unless, that is, you choose a marble-effect like these polished porcelain versions.

Become a minimalist

<p>UK Radiators</p>

UK Radiators

A white backdrop is the benchmark for Scandi schemes so white tiled bathrooms are the perfect place to create this modern look, especially if there is plenty of light.

A stand-alone, curved bath will make a soft feature and matching blonde wood furniture will warm with pared-back style. For a pop of understated and contemporary colour install a powder-coated radiator. Or, why not try a bathroom upcycle and update an existing one in a complementary hue using specialist radiator paint?

Team with navy

<p>Sanctuary Bathrooms</p>

Sanctuary Bathrooms

Navy blue makes for a dramatic background colour that offsets white sanitaryware but is less harsh than black. It’s also a smart way to style up a theme in a contemporary scheme.

This patterned floor with star motifs injects a celestial twist that isn't entirely obvious. To enhance the story, why not add a couple of additional star-themed ornaments or moon print wall art?

Go for glossy tiles

<p>Tile Mountain</p>

Tile Mountain

Glossy tiles look great in all-white schemes as they add subtle depth and balance to the sometimes bland space. Whether it's a contemporary metro tile or classic square tiles, the effect will bounce light to enhance the sense of space.

Balance shiny surfaces with matt finish features such as this wooden vanity unit that is highlighted in navy blue. The muted but sophisticated floor tiles marry the navy and white elements collectively.

Slot in dark wood

<p>What We Make</p>

What We Make

Dark-stained wood is something of a rarity in these days of pale, Scandi-style finishes, but it can create a glorious rich base for a contemporary or traditional bathroom.

Installing a full suite or stand-out vanity with rich shades and textures of wood creates a coherent scheme that feels organic and modern in white bathroom spaces. This huge floating vanity offset with a white concrete sink top adds warmth and earthiness while clean lines and the wall-hung design are chic and contemporary.

Have fun with pastels

<p>Frontline Bathrooms</p>

Frontline Bathrooms

Jazzy bathroom floor tiles in pastel tones create an uplifting yet understated backdrop when teamed with similar dopamine-friendly hues to look super refreshing.

For added sophisticated and contemporary interest team with subtle marble-style white tiles on the remaining wall space.

Have some hex appeal

<p>Tile Mountain</p>

Tile Mountain

Hexagons are a stylish alternative to the square and rectangular tiles we’re so used to seeing. They are stylish and subtle when used in a small mosaic pattern, but can also create a striking impact when used in a large format.

Ensure the strong honeycomb pattern stands out using contrasting grout to highlight the six-sided shapes.

Invoke industrial style

<p>Walls and Floors</p>

Walls and Floors

A modern white bathroom suite with a practical corner bath has been given personality and character with a mix of eclectic elements here. The Victorian-inspired patterned floor tiles look gorgeous in white with the grey-green wall paint.

The star of the show has to be this sink mounted on a slimline console table; teamed with a steel stool, it takes the furnishings in an unexpectedly rough luxe direction.

Choose contrasting grout

<p>Tile Mountain</p>

Tile Mountain

Darker grout against white tiles is a subtle way of breaking up all-white block tiling with striking results.

Picking out the brick pattern creates an industrial edge especially when teamed with Victorian fixtures and fittings – this look is so 'bathhouse' chic.

Lift light with dark

<p>Garden Trading</p>

Garden Trading

Nothing makes pure white pop like the most matt, blackest black imaginable.

With its charcoal texture, this statement tub is the star of the show and the perfect choice to complement the exposed brickwork. Accessorise with a modern black radiator, towel rail and wall shelf.

Frame the space

<p>Walls and Floors</p>

Walls and Floors

Introducing black fittings and Crittall-style glass to your white bathroom is a sure-fire way of turning a bland space into a cool, industrial-style washroom with bags of character.

Black framing will etch out strong lines and angles while a black shower tray and radiator are ultra-hip.

Pep up with pink

<p>Tap Warehouse</p>

Tap Warehouse

Use the white bathroom backdrop like a canvas to showcase a stunning feature vanity. This pretty pink embossed vanity unit injects a soft and glamorous contrast into the mix.

Pale pink tiles on the adjacent walls increase the slight tonal change with understated elegance. To complete this white and petal pink scheme add metallic accessories such as a brass framed mirror and pendant lights.

Head to the Med

<p>Marks and Spencer</p>

Marks and Spencer

There are definite Mediterranean vibes in this bathroom thanks to the white backdrop and reclaimed bath that evokes simple charm.

Nothing looks more sun-baked and rustic than raw and textured plaster, so this statement adds harmonious detail to the vintage-style and well-loved bathtub to create a gorgeous overall effect.