Save 25% on the SNOO Smart Sleeper in this Cyber Monday sale

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Save 25% on SNOO Smart SleeperSNOO

The SNOO Cyber Monday sale is entering its final hours, and the discounts are impressive to say the least. We're talking savings of almost £350 on the viral Smart Sleeper.

Happiest Baby (who make the SNOO) have hit the ground running with their SNOO Cyber Monday discounts this year, with up to 60% off baby clothes, glam but cosy new mum loungewear, cuddly toys, other accessories, and of course, the SNOO bassinet.

The product Happiest Baby is best known for, the SNOO Smart Sleeper, is sporting a 25% discount for a limited time. The innovative SNOO Cot doesn't often get a discount, making it a great product to pick up during Cyber Monday.

If you're expecting a baby then the thought of sleepless nights might already be keeping you up at night - but there's a bassinet that can help with that.

The SNOO Crib, a moving, white-noise emitting, smart crib, has been specially designed to emulate the womb environment to calm and soothe precious infants during their first three months, aka, the fourth trimester.

Leading US paediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp created the SNOO to help soothe babies in their new environment, and to get them to fall asleep again if they wake in the night. But it is more than just a cot, it's a system used from birth that combines swaddling, a gently rocking crib and white noise. These elements all combine to create womb-like conditions which help a baby adjust to their new outside environment.

And you don't just have to use it at bedtime. The SNOO can mimic the comforting, familiar motion that the baby developed in and can keep the soothing rocking movement going 24/7 - even when parents are getting some much needed rest, having a shower, or cooking dinner. Studies have revealed that the cots (usual RRP £1,145) cost a little over £6-a-day when used for the first six months of the baby's life. They can also increase babies' nightly sleep (and yours!) by 1-2 hours.

The SNOO Smart Sleeper Baby Cot counts celebrity fans including Beyonce, Gigi Hadid, Kate Hudson, Ashton Kutcher, royalty, as well as thousands of parents all over the world - and it usually has a similarly A-list price tag... until Cyber Monday comes around.

SNOO Smart bassinet

Happiest Baby does have a few deals available now though and we've rounded up our favourites:

The Big Bundle

It's always better to be prepared and this bundle, which currently has 35% off means you'll have SNOO fitted sheets and sacks to hand - in case of any accidents.

Available in a variety of colours and patterns the sacks are specially designed to be used in SNOO Smart Sleeper to help babies sleep safer and better.

Everything Dress

Why not treat yourself to something nice this Cyber Monday as well? The Everything Dress from Happiest Baby has been designed to be worn through pregnancy, breast feeding and postpartum. It's the perfect combination of chic, comfortable, flattering and functional.

Sleep Sack 3-Pack of Sizes

With 30% off currently for Cyber Monday the sacks come in three sizes, so when your baby grows you'll have a new one to hand. The design, with wings, also attaches to the SNOO, so your baby stays on their back.

Made from soft and cosy 100% organic cotton the sacks come in different colours - including planet and star designs - cute.

Organic cot sheets 3 pack

Organic but super soft these sheets will fit into the cot perfectly. Each pack comes with different colours and patterns so you can mix it up.

With 35% off it's good to stock up on the basics while they are in the Cyber Monday sale.

Snoobie White Noise Machine

This smart soother is a white noise machine, night light and sleep trainer (and more) and helps to calm your little on down as well as help them stay asleep once they get there.

Snoobear White Noise Machine

Who said white noise machines have to be an eye sore? This super cute teddy doubles as a calming addition to your night time routine.

Snoobear is a portable calming device, helping to calm down your baby as they cuddle it. This device is smart, turning off once it stops detecting movement and then once the baby starts fussing it will automatically turn back on.

How does the SNOO Bassinet work?

Dr. Harvey Karp told Women's Health: 'In the womb, they're held and rocked 24/7. So to put them in a flat still bed for 12 hours, is sensory deprivation for them. It's really strange, and they don't like it. They've never been on their back. It's strange for babies. It's not natural at all.

'If you rock your baby to sleep, and you put them in a car, then when they get up at two in the morning, they go, "wait, where did you go, come be with me?" In a SNOO, when they wake up, they go back to sleep. If they're hungry they'll wake up all the way, but it's rather like an adult who is on a long aeroplane flight. You fall asleep and you wake up and you look around and you put your head back down. You fall back asleep again. The babies are a lot comfier.

'You've taken away everything that they're used to for sleep, and suddenly you go, "well, why aren't they sleeping? Well, you just, it's like, you know, if I took away your bed, pillow mattress comforter, you could sleep on the floor, but you're not going to sleep well. And if we take everything away from the baby, they're not going to sleep well."

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