5 ways to tease a girl

How to tease your girl: Become a recording artist

Sadly, not all of us can become a real life recording artist. However, the good news is that in order to tease your girl you don’t need a studio or even much talent. Researchers have found that women find the male voice attractive. To make the most of this research you can record a kinky message for your girl. All you’ll need is a computer with a microphone and a little creativity. Firstly, find some software that you can use to record your voice. Then think about what you can say that will really turn your girl on. You could talk about what you’d like to do to her, tell her one of your fantasies or read a dirty story. Once you’ve recorded your message pop it onto your girl’s iPod. You can either wait until she stumbles upon it herself or place her headphones into her ears and press play.

How to tease your girl: Make chores sexy

No one likes doing chores, but whilst your girl is washing the dishes why not stand behind her and kiss her neck? Don’t speak to her when you do this and then walk away. After a little while go and find your girl again and rub her shoulders slowly. Again, walk away after a few minutes of massaging her. The next stage is to kiss her. The lips are in fact your most exposed erogenous zone so make sure you give her lips a lot of attention. To get the perfect kiss, start off slow. Open your mouth a little and begin with small kisses. A good kiss builds, so don’t be shy if you feel like pulling back a little. Once you’ve managed to pull off a great kiss your girl will be thoroughly turned on and will want to jump straight into bed.

how to tease a girl
how to tease a girl

How to tease your girl: Explore

So, you’re both in bed, what do you do next? Go straight for the main event or take the time to turn your girl on? Although women don’t want lots of foreplay every time they have sex, on the odd occasion they do want you to take the time to tease and please them. Women love it when guys don’t go straight for their hotspots and instead explore other, more subtle areas of their bodies. Run your fingers down your girls back, through her hair and up her thigh. Use your fingers to gently brush her lips, her cheeks and her eyelids. Make sure you touch her everywhere and use both hands to do so. Although this doesn’t sound like much of a turn on for you, trust us, she’ll love it.

How to tease your girl: Treat her butt

Be careful with this one. We’re not suggesting you take her from behind – a lot of girls won’t find that a turn on and will probably kick you out of bed. However, her rear is full of pleasurable nerve endings and you can give her some great thrills by giving it a massage. Lay a towel on the bed and ask your girl to lay front down on it. Start by rubbing her back. Place your fingers either side of your girl’s spine and then slide your hands up to her should blades. Repeat this several times. Next, you need to move on to her butt and upper thighs. Use your palm to apply pressure softly and move your hands in circles around her derriere. You can also use your finger tips to caress her booty and knead her butt. Remember, this should be pleasurable so ask your girl the odd question from time to time, like ‘Does that feel good?’.

How to tease your girl: Make it last longer

One of the best ways to tease your girl is to make foreplay, sex and everything in between last longer. If you can enter your girl, but then withdraw a few times, she will go wild for you. The problem is, once most guys begin they find it hard to stop. To try and master this stop-start approach you can try and make it last longer when you spend some alone time with yourself. Don’t try to come as fast as you can and instead aim to last for around 15 minutes. You can also try to do some kegels (stopping and starting the flow of urine) to help tighten your ejaculatory muscles and when having sex use small, shallow movements rather than deep thrusts. This should help you last longer giving you the chance to stop and start sex whenever you like. Remember though, sex shouldn’t be a 100m sprint, but nor should it be a marathon. Get the balance right. Read more on realbuzz.com...
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