The 5 Top Tricks to Save Money at Panera

Redditors swear by these.



Like most fast-casual restaurants, Panera Bread is an easy and convenient option when you don't have time to cook, but when dining out becomes habitual, the costs start to add up. We're always looking for an opportunity to snag a deal, from McDonald's Dinner Box hack to Taco Bell's family-friendly party packs. And based on this thread on Reddit, there are a similar ways to hack the Panera menu to save some cash.

Panera updated its menu in April and introduced new items, including soups, salads, and sandwiches, all at more affordable prices. Combine that with these money-saving tips recommended by customers and employees and you've got yourself an even better discount.

Buy Discounted Gift Cards Online

Panera regularly offers discounts and promotions for gift card purchases on its website so be sure to keep an eye out for those, especially around holidays and celebrations. Redditor MiniFigW said, “Panera has 20% off gift cards available on their website fairly often, so there's an instant 20% off everything you buy.”

Take Advantage of ‘You Pick Two’ Specials

According to the thread, this deal consists of two entrees and a side for a marked-down price (it'll range by location). Entree options include half a sandwich or salad, a cup of soup, mac and cheese, and a free side (choose from an apple, chips, or a piece of French baguette). You can mix and match and order two half sandwiches together or a cup of soup with a salad, for example. A Redditor named kevin_r13 suggests doing the You Pick Two deal by ordering two cups of soup with a baguette as a side, then getting another side of baguette for only 99 cents, which can easily feed two people.

Join the Unlimited Sip Club

As a Sip Club member, you get unlimited drinks at Panera, including hot and iced drip coffee, tea, fountain drinks, and lemonades. Other membership perks include other promotions and celebratory discounts, such as a birthday special. Redditor @dead-ren said, “Sip club helps if you go a lot but I only use it when there's a free trial.” First-time users can test the service and get their first three months free, so it might be worth looking into and trying, especially if you’re a frequent Panera customer.

Look for Limited-Time Promotions

Panera occasionally offers limited deals or specials for celebratory events, so be on the lookout for news or announcements online or on flyers around the store. Last January, Panera had a promotion on soups, selling them for $1 in honor of National Soup Month—a limited-time deal that could definitely happen again next year. Keep this in mind for other holidays and festivities throughout the year, too.

Order Off the Value Duet Menu

Redditor MiniFigW also suggests ordering from the Value Duets menu, which pairs two of Panera's signature items together at a discount. Ranging from $6.99 to $8.99, Value Duets are typically cheaper than You Pick Two combos, but no customization is allowed. There are currently seven set options to choose from, such as the Grilled Cheese & Creamy Tomato Soup or the Caesar Salad with Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup. As Redditor kevin_r13 explains, this is an especially great deal if you've picked up a discounted gift card: “The $6.99 value duets are another excellent bargain, the 20% knocks them down to around $6 after tax.”

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