5 sports that improve your sex life

Sports that improve your sex life: Pilates

We know we’d all love to have incredible sex and pull out the reverse missionary, the man chair, the shoulder holder or the standing wheelbarrow when having sex; but the reality is sex positions are tricky. When you’re tired after work and sweaty from being under the sheets, getting your knees up over your head can seem like an impossible task. Yet trying new positions makes your sex wilder and your orgasms more intense. So, to make sure you don’t disappoint (and drop your partner when lifting them into the deadly standing wheelbarrow position) book yourself into a Pilates class. A study found that adults who took two 60-minute Pilates classes for 12 weeks had better flexibility, more strength in their upper-body and had improved their abdominal power.

Yoga and how sports improves your sex life
Yoga and how sports improves your sex life

Sports that improve your sex life: Bikram yoga

Bikram yoga will do wonders for your sex life because doing the 26 Hatha Yoga positions in temperatures of at least 40°C (105 °F) will get you all hot and sweaty. Although that doesn’t sound much of a turn on, scientists have explained that getting sweaty is good because the sweat glands release a hormone called androstadienone, which turns women on when they smell it. In fact researchers from the University of California found that women who sniffed androstadienone increased their sexual arousal levels by 200 per cent. Bikram yoga will also reduce your stress levels and help you sleep better, which in turn will boost your sex drive even more.

Sports that improve your sex life: Beach volley ball

The tight swim wear, the great tans and the fit, toned volleyball bodies makes beach volleyball one of the sexiest sports around. But we have a sneaky suspicion that beach volleyball is not just a great spectator sport and that this relatively new game could help to improve your sex life. This is because when you play beach volleyball you play outside and studies have found that as doses of vitamin D increase, which is gained from sunshine, testosterone levels rise. Just one hour in the sun can significantly boost this sex hormone. Remember, though, wear sunscreen and don’t play when the sun is at its hottest; being lobster-red is not a good look.

Sports that improve your sex life: Running

When you spot a runner calmly jogging around the park in their lycra kit they don’t often look too stressed. This is because running is a great way to rid your body of things that make you stressed, like pent-up energy, tension and excess adrenalin. Stress is a major libido killer and chances are if you’re feeling stressed you won’t want to have sex. Therefore going for a jog or run will bring down your anxiety levels and should help to increase your sex drive. Not only does running make you feel less stressed it also releases endorphins in the body which make you feel good. Running has other perks to. A study undertaken by Medical College of Wisconsin found that running on the treadmill on a difficult level burnt on average 705-865 calories (2961-3633 kilojoules). So running will help you to get a better figure, which should make you feel more confident when you’re getting close with your guy or girl.

Sports that improve your sex life: Football

Guys, this is your lucky day. If you and your girl want to up the ante in the bedroom it’s time to hit the football pitches. Playing a game or two of football can increase your testosterone levels by up to 30 per cent and this increase in testosterone boosts your libido. If you want to increase your sex drive further, play the beautiful game at home as it is thought that your testosterone levels increase when you play on your team’s pitch. To make a date of it, the next time you have a home match ask your girl to come and watch. Then take her on a romantic date to celebrate your win or commiserate your loss; you won’t be able to keep your hands off her. Read more on realbuzz.com...
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