5 reasons why your kitchen isn't eco-friendly

lady cooking in kitchen
lady cooking in kitchen

It's sustainable September and we're looking for all of the ways to make our lives more environmentally friendly. From bargain bridal optionstobossing Vinted shopping and selling, there are many ways to live more sustainably. Turning attention to your home, how eco-friendly is your kitchen? Here are the mistakes you're making…

1. You don't opt for eco cleaning products

reusable cleaning products
Swap your cleaning products for reusable options

The cleaning industry has had a huge eco overhaul over the past few years, with many brands now showcasing refillable bottles, plastic-free packaging and concentrated products. Although many of these genius items can be picked up on Amazon or in the supermarket for accessible prices, if you're really on a budget you can look at using store cupboard products to clean your home. Here are my favourite eco hacks for cleaning around my home.

2. Your appliances aren't energy efficient

It's easy to find out the energy rating when buying white goods these days, so it's important to look out for it when you're making a new purchase. If you're stuck working with what you already have, it's worth weighing up the energy usage of different appliances and adjusting how you use your kitchen accordingly. For example, swapping your oven for an air fryer to save on energy.


Llewellyn Kinch, CEO of MakeMyHouseGreen advises: "Smart consumers should consider limiting oven usage. And when they do turn it on, why not maximise the heat by preparing multiple meals simultaneously?”

oven with pizza
Limited oven usage is an eco move

3. You aren't recycling correctly

Have you heard of 'wishcycling'? It’s essentially the moment you fling something in your green box not quite sure if it can be recycled – and this can be doing more harm than good! Ocean Info reminds us that "if cardboard is dirty with food residue it should be put in the rubbish bin" and ahead of putting clean cardboard in the recycling "any tape must be removed and placed in the rubbish".

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4. You reach for kitchen roll too often

This is something I'm guilty of, and perhaps will be a New Year's resolution for me, but if you're also grab-happy with the kitchen roll, maybe it's time to consider reusable kitchen roll or the humble dishcloth to mop up any drips or spills.

5. You forget to watch your water usage

kitchen sink
Think about your water usage

We all know about spending less time in the shower, and not using the hosepipe during a drought, but what about the water that's being wasted in your kitchen too?

Be honest, what do you do with your dishwater after you've blitzed the dishes? Down the plughole no doubt… but perhaps you could use it to water your plants next time.

Plus, remember to only run your dishwasher and washing machine when full to minimise your water usage.

Feeling inspired to go green? Here are some sustainable swaps we'd recommend making right away.