High-leg shorts cause internet outcry: '£360 for a denim nappy!'

£360 denim ‘panties’ spark internet outrage. <span class="s1">[Photo: Y Project] </span>
£360 denim ‘panties’ spark internet outrage. [Photo: Y Project]

Just when we thought we’d had our fair share of jaw-dropping fashion launches (yes, we’re looking at you, string bikini), Parisian designer, Y Project, drops this pair of short shorts.

Despite the lack of fabric, they come with a steep price tag: around £360.

Fashion label SSENSE launched the high-leg shorts on Instagram with the caption ‘two words: denim panties’. This sparked a social media outcry only comparable to when Emily Ratajkowski posted a picture of herself on Instagram in the aforementioned string bikini.

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Not everybody is quite so enthused by the fashion-forward ‘panties’, though, with one social media user described them as “a glorified denim nappy.” [sic]

Another simply commented, “One word: no.”

One user clearly thought it was some sort of April Fool’s Day joke come-early, “I thought it was a meme.”

And finally, one woman summed up our thoughts rather succinctly: “Now I’ve seen everything.”

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While some people were left dumfounded by the style, others are used to Y Project’s unusual designs.

Last year, the label launched its detachable jeans which could be unhooked to reveal denim hot pants, taking day to night fashion to a whole new level.

The brand is known for its inventive denim styles. <span class="s1">[Photo: Y Project] </span>
The brand is known for its inventive denim styles. [Photo: Y Project]

Some users weren’t deterred by the outrage, with one woman commenting, “Why’s everybody hating? They’re kind of cute.”

It seems the jury’s still out on whether these shorts are going to be a fashion hit or miss, but one thing’s for sure, they’ll fit in your carry-on suitcase.

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